January 20, 2006

Nothing new under the sun.

In blogshere and the world of internet forums, there is no ideology or group in America less tolerant than the white conservative. The white conservative squashes dissent via banishment and deletion of dissenters from their web pages in cyberspace. There is no practice of the constitutional virtues that supposedly makes this nation so great even though white conservatives think they embody patriotism and love of these national principles. When they create their own little countries in cyberspace they are authoritarian and dictatorial in nature and one can’t help but to conclude that had they a real country to run that it would be run the same way…kind of like Saddam ran his show.

I have probably visited more than 50 conservative blogs and forums in the last 5 years. I seek out challenges to my point of view more than I seek people who will simply agree with it, with the goal of always migrating to the greater truth. Thats how I grow confident in my position....because its an evolution towards the greatest truth. What I experienced from white conservatives was nearly ubiquitous. Almost all of the conservative oriented blogs and forums banned me and or deleted my posts. They did not want to have their positions challenged, especially, if not exclusively, when the topic or issue was linked or associated with race.

You may erroneously think that nothing irks the white conservative more than the liberal, but liberalism is only the proxy for what really irks the white conservative. Race in general and black folks in particular and the idea of the government attempting to alleviate the effects from centuries of white racism, is what really agitates white folk. You can visit their blogs and debate liberalism all day, to their enjoyment, but as soon as the trojan horse of anti-liberalism is dissected to reveal an anti-black core of race they feel exposed and threatened and seek to destroy the threat via first attacking the messenger then ultimately deleting, locking or banning your IP address from their site.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that white conservatives utterly lack confidence in their position. One only tries to destroy or ban those things that are feared as threats. When what are feared are simply words, the pen becomes mightier than the AK-47. If the conservative was truly confident in his words and their ability to represent truth and logic and defeat the words of dissenters, there would be no need to resort to such tactics as banning and deletion of dissenting points of view. In other words, the white conservatives are simply cowards who all huddle up in their little conservative Kingdoms in cyberspace where they crush dissent to their ruling opinion. They are simply waiting for the day that they can manifest their cyber kingdom in the real world, harking back to the days when black folks were scared to look them in the eye….lest they be punished.

Many black conservative dissenters criticize me based upon their perception that I am overly consumed with what white folks are doing and thinking and not enough about what black folks are doing and thinking. However, who actually thinks that if the Africans actually knew what European folks were planning and thinking, concerning black people, that they would have embraced whites as trading partners for black captives? If the African had understood the white man better….maybe the last 300 years of slavery and colonization would not have taken place against the African people. Moreover, nothing creates unity more than a common enemy or threat and had Africans realized that whites were a bigger threat to them than their historical black tribal enemies, history would have to be rewritten. Africans would likely have reduced warfare with each and banned together to repel the threat to all of their lands and existence posed by greedy whites.

In light of that, I think that it is imperative for black folk to know what our traditional nemesis in this land is doing and thinking, because just like in Africa, our fate can be greatly altered for the worse if we do not glean these things. Black people should unify more from the understanding of this continuing external threat. What needs to be gleaned today is that most whites, but not all, still have major negative rationalizations, in regards to race, that given a trigger, could very easily take this nation back 100 years in race relations. What such trigger would do that? The answer is the same trigger that created the dichotomy in the first place, which is economics.

The goal of historical racism was to lift up white folks economically, off the backs of non white folks. Unless I am crazy, I am confident that that mission has been accomplished, as white folks dominate the nation in status and power, riding the zenith of America Inc. Consequently, there really is no good rationale for white racism today given that whites have achieved the social and economic status they desired, other than to preserve that status and power and therein lays the trigger. When America starts to decline economically, which has already began, the economic incentive for racism will return with it lead by conservative white folks coming out the closet and becoming openly racist.

For some reason many blacks, mostly black conservative types, seem to believe that white racism is now forever benign, if not cured. They don’t seem to entertain the notion that white racism could ever return to the levels of that of even 50 years ago. Maybe they feel protected by laws but laws are only of value if they are enforced by the system of justice and if the system of justice is corrupted by white racism, like Mississippi systems of justice during the 50’s and 60’s, laws will not help us. Maybe it’s the fact that we have Ak-47s and Uzis we think we can put up a good fight. However, this ignores that biological advancement and the mapping of the human Genome has created the ability to have us wiped out without us even firing a shot. In truth, we are just as vulnerable today as we were 100 or 200 years ago, because power still egregiously rest in the hands and minds of whites.

Through the understanding of this vulnerability and potential threat, it should raise the motivation for unity and advancement of our minds to the degree that we are not as vulnerable. Where is the historical example of any “ism” fading into history? There is nothing new under the sun and what was past can just as easily happen again in the present or future…and likely will unless there is a deterrent. That deterrent is unity and excellence that gives black people equal power to the degree that we are not relying on the benevolence of white humanity not to do to us in the future what they have done to us in the past. In other words, we should unify and strive not to be taken advantage of because they like us or are nice, but due to respect and fear of our power to defend ourselves. The white conservative should be all the motivation we need that this threat is alive and well.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Arch City Expatriate said...

Bravo! That commentary was one of the best I've read in a year or two.

As a black man who has consistently challenged racist and/or conservatives bloggers/forumers across the world wide web - and have been banned from a couple - I understand your sentiments 100%.

I appreciate your commentary about unity. Unity, not hateful divisive unity, is definitely what the black community needs. It can't be emphasized enough.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

I was posting just on a forum moderated by conservative whites....I made about three post and got two warnings that I would be banned if I kept it up. I was not using foul language, I was not spamming, I was not breaking any OBJECTIVE rules....only the subjective rule of being offensive by ignoring their ahistorical perspective. In other words...they found the truth to be offensive.

I am glad you brought up a good and important point about non-hate based black unity. That is very important as hate should never be a reason for unity.

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Arch City Expatriate said...

"In other words...they found the truth to be offensive."

Very true. Like you, I wasn't spamming or breaking any rules.

They just hated when their hypocrisy was exposed which ultimately led to adverse actions - banning, suspending etc. It was other forumers that usually used derogative terms and adjectives to describe minorities - particularly blacks. Other folks carried on without impunity, and eventually, all blacks were squeezed off the board or just left due to lack of support. It was definitely a learning experience in cyberspace.

You put it well when you suggested,

"They are simply waiting for the day that they can manifest their cyber kingdom in the real world, harking back to the days when black folks were scared to look them in the eye....lest they be punished."


At 9:25 AM, Blogger Anomalymann said...

Wow. That's something. I usually don't spend my time reading blogs, but today I started following a thread, and one thread led to another, and well, here I am. It left me inspired enough to write something, even though it will fall into the abyss of cyber Dom, that never ending chasm that sucks the life and initiative out of all of us. I'm not going to comment specifically on anyone's opinion, I'm just going to state an observation. Until we (blacks, vanillas, or whatever) start having real conversations and start talking about the hard stuff, we're not going anywhere. Some political moron makes a statement, and it doesn't matter what side of the fence your on, the other side is going to distort it, pervert it, or otherwise twist it around to suite it's objective. White's have white trash, blacks have their own. Not until we come together and separate ourselves from history, quit using it as an excuse for why were not where we want to be, quit expecting the "man" to fix our problems are we going to go anywhere. We can't let the media tell us our opinion or the politicians decide that they know what's best for us. Politicians are supposed to be a body of individuals that are for the people and of the people. When we blame them for everything that's not right, we're blaming ourselves for sitting back and being content with bitching about it. Myself included. Blacks instinctively lash back when one of them is attacked, it doesn't matter if the person's a scumbag. Here comes the ACLU, here comes Jesse ( I don't know about you, but I never appointed him to represent me). Blacks should step up to the plate and call it like it is. If the person's a scumbag, doesn’t matter, black or white, he or she's a scum bag. We should be ashamed of individuals not based on race but rather because of their despicable nature. I'm ashamed when whites stereotype and I'm ashamed when blacks give them cause. Enough of this, I can go on and on, but alas, I'm talking into abyss, my words never amounting to a thing

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

I am not in the best of moods today....so excuse me for saying that you are full of slit. You come here under the pretense of nutrality and everyone getting along....then say some obviously partisan BS like "forgetting the past". Yeah....forget the past because the past is the primary sources of evidence for whats wrong in the present. It explains the cause of the black social and econoimic gaps with white America. In other words.....you just want to "get ride of the evidence" as to aquite this nation and white folks from their moral responsibilites. Its like a game of poker...figuratively and literally.....in which I start out the game cheating....taking the others money....now I am rich from ripping them off...but the game continues. Now I want to play fair....but I still want to hold onto the gains I made in the past from cheating. I want the other players to forget that they were ripped off and simply go forward like nothing happened, with me keeping all the benefits of my illegal activity and also being vigalent that going forward that the other players get no unfair advantage.....like I did in the past. Its a ridiculous proposition. The truth is...in such a case....I would be lucky not to get shot in the head for my behavior.

At 6:56 AM, Blogger Marc Garvey said...

I am rich from ripping them off...but the game continues. Now I want to play fair....

We might be able to get somewhere if that were true but it's not. He still doesn't want to play fair. Continuing to peddle racism, albeit more subtly than before and pitting group against group to not only maintain but extend the economic divide. And in a world where dollars are the only thing that matters to the dominant culture, using racism to extend the economic divide is a mf'er.

Great original post, by the way


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