January 17, 2006

The House of Representaive is run like a Plantation..

Hmm, I may be wrong or out of the loop, but if anyone believes the House of Representatives is being run like a Plantation than surely he or she need a history lesson. Leave it to Hilary Clinton, a white woman and a Democrat to make a silly analogy that compares Plantation rule to the business practices of Congress men and women.

For those who do not know, this is the second time Hilary has made claims that the HOR is being run like a plantation, back in 2004 she said the same thing, which goes to show if Hilary is not smacked around for telling a lie the first time around she will continue to do so in typical European fashion.

So to get to the bottom of Mrs. Clinton comparison we must juxtapose the HOR with a Plantation and see if there are any similarities we know of. The first thing we know that contradicts Hilary’s position is that every one in the HOR is a paid government official, where as those on a Plantation never received payment for their work. The HOR’s get paid Holiday breaks a few times a year, Enslaved men and women were known to only have Christmas day off. There are no female Representatives I know of that are being raped by the HOR, leadership and I can not recall any recent lynching involving a HOR member male or female. I like most of you know that HOR members can never be found working from sun up to sun down, in the hot sun and most HOR members are dressed pretty well. Again I admit I don’t know everything about Congress men and women but I know of no recent whippings handed down on the Capital floor other than weak Democrats being mopped across the floor but no whips were involved. Any of you know of a Congressman and his family being sold recently? Well clearly the HOR are not being compared to the enslaved men and women on the Plantation so now we must look at the Enslavers to see if this is what Hilary is comparing the HOR to.

The Enslavers often referred to as the “Masters” on the plantation, raped those over whom they had power, contrary to many revisionist their can never be a consensual relationship between the enslaved and the enslaver based on the nature of their relationship. Congress men and women who are elected to office are constantly raping the men and women in America if not physically than economically. The enslavers did very little work, never responded to the wishes of those whom they enslaved; Congress men and women do very little work and do not follow or respond to the wishes of their constituents and are whores to the lobbyist. The enslaver were known to dress nice, much like Congress men and women, The enslaver opposed anything meant to uplift Black folk in America, much like the Congress.

Maybe Hilary is right, the HOR is run like a Plantation, a Plantation of “Masters” because there sure as hell is nothing comparable to the life of the enslaved to the life of a congress person.


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