January 30, 2006

Conservative Bush supporters harbor "stronger" prejudices than do Liberals.

While it is not shocking or surprising to Black Introspection, a study that was completed recently results concludes that those who support Bush harbor greater resentment and prejudices towards Black men and women. This is something we have argued and put forth much to dismay of our Bush supporting Black family members who sing the praises of Bush and Republican Conservatism in general.

The study “explored relationships between racial bias and political affiliation by analyzing self-reported beliefs, voting patterns and the results of psychological tests that measure implicit attitudes -- subtle stereotypes people hold about various groups.” And the results were “supporters of President Bush and other conservatives had stronger self-admitted and implicit biases against blacks than liberals did.

It should not be missed that this report states Conservatives had “stronger” self admitted biases against Black men and women than do Liberals, not that white liberals are free of these biases, it is just that conservatives biases are stronger. This to me is as important as the already known revelation that Conservatives really don’t like Black folk. White Liberal compassion represents the white person who said after a Black man was lynched he should not be left just hanging there, cut him down, while the conservative wanted to leave the Black man hanging from a tree, Neither of them were opposed to him being murdered.

The study also reports that

“Americans, liberals and conservatives, found it more difficult to associate black faces with positive concepts than white faces -- evidence of implicit bias.”

This is the mindset from which most law enforcement personnel operate and a consequence of it is racial profiling and the ever popular driving while Black. This is also what causes juries and judges to be harsher on a Black defendant than a white defendant. When one is unable to see themselves in those over whom they have been positioned to judge, their judgment will always be one skewed with their own biases and affinities that too often works to the detriment of Black men and women.

Of course conservatives are questioning the political motives of those who did the study, being that they have been donors to Democrats in the past. It would be great if the Republicans used my argument in that the study only states republicans have stronger biases and prejudices than do Liberals not that Liberals do not suffer from the same kind of white supremacy mindset as the republicans. I will be waiting a long time for that to happen.


At 9:26 PM, Blogger Cynthia said...

I expect all white people to show a certain amount of racism. What I can't deal with is black conservatives acting like they don't like black people.

At 6:30 AM, Blogger Marc Garvey said...

Racists are folks that dislike others based on skin color as opposed to thier culture.People who want to make all claims of racism spurious or impossible draw broad criteria thus rendering the entire concept ridiculous in a everyone does it kind of way.

I know this trick.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger abw said...

PatO, Black racism and so-called racism does not absolve whites of their own racism. Blacks will deal with their problems. You need to spend less time preaching to blacks and confronting your own racism and problems. Neither conservatives nor liberals are not immune to racism. I personally have no qualms in saying that government does not have the solution to every problem BUT THE FREE MARKET DOES NOT EITHER! Conservatives are not accepted by liberals mainly because liberals disagree with their political point of view. Conservatives do not accept liberals for this same reason and many more. Mainstream culture is not above criticism. It is the MAIN PURVEYOR and SUPPORTER of violence,pornography,drugs,hatred and corruption to boot. This bit of information is simply not sensationalized nor glorified because this country ,or very few countries for that matter, do not highlight the faults of the affluent, priviledged populations. Much of the pathology real and imagined that now exist in the contemporary black community exist on the scale it does precisely because it follows mainstream affluent white culture with its excessive individualism, materialism, and consumerism. These values are not the end all and be all for all groups. Despite all the flaws of the black community or liberals, neither groups pretend to be the paragons of virtue in public while being actual heathens and hedonists behind closed doors unlike the conservatives


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