November 17, 2005

NAACP - The National Association for the Advancement of Construction Professionals?

There are some moves made by Black folk that calls into question their integrity mostly because the reason they offer for making such a move is probably going to be a lie and or a half truth. Such is not the case for the head of the NAACP down in Orange County Fl. Derrick Wallace the head of the local NAACP switched political parties on Tuesday November 15, 2005. Derrick Wallace is now a registered Republican. A few hours after switching parties Derrick is quoted as saying “"I've thought about this for two years,", "This is not a decision I made yesterday." I wonder why it took him two years to ponder over this decision.

As I stated earlier, Derrick unlike many people who make a decision they know will ruffle a few feathers was honest about why he made the switch, Derrick A Construction Company executive stated about his decision to switch Parties:

"It's purely a business decision. Ninety percent of those I do business with are Republicans," he said. "Opportunities that have come to my firm have been brought by Republicans."

There you have it, honesty, something rare amongst Black folk who have in the past made a decision like this for monetary reasons, be it for personal gain or for money being funneled to an organization or company they work for or run. However we should not be fooled or over impressed with Derrick Wallace honesty but we should pay close attention to why he made the decision he has. Derrick has essentially sold out in the literal sense of sold out, his allegiance has went to the highest bidder and those who pad his pocket. His removal from the head of the Local NAACP chapter should be swift and immediate for no other reason than he has demonstrated to us his loyalty lies with those who he do business with and not with the aim and mission of the NAACP. Derrick has every right to make the decision he has but he does not have the right to be the head of any NAACP or any office for that matter after admitting he make decisions based on the ideals, politial association and Political Party of those who pad his pockets.

Mr. Wallace in an attempt to steer clear of statements lke what I have written above stated:

“his business" line of thought also referred to the NAACP. Behind many of the power desks in this town sit Republicans. And he said he wants his organization to be part of that structure. Just as importantly, he said, he didn't want people to immediately brand -- or dismiss -- NAACP concerns as synonymous with those of liberal Democrats. "I want this branch to be respected,"

Does Mr. Wallace want the NAACP concerns to be synonymous with conservative Republicans, does he think that is respectable or is he again demonstrating to us that his move is strictly an attempt on his part to rub shoulders with those Republican that sit at those Power Desk. Switching parties is not simply a case of one seeking to be taken serious by not being labeled a liberal; to switch parties is to switch ideologies, beliefs, how one view public policy and social policy and philosophies. If Mr. Wallace wanted to be respected, which apparently he felt was not the case because he was a Liberal Democrat, what makes him believe that changing parties alone will get him the respect he desires. Mr. Wallace need to learn and learn fast that no one respects a Whore, albeit they may enjoy the company of that whore based on what they get in return for having the whore around and the whore of course does what whores do to get from their John what he desires.

Mr. Wallace is no longer qualified to lead any chapter of the NAACP, his integrity and loyalty is for sale and has been bought. As Tim Shea pointed out, the NAACP does not stand for the National Association for the Advancement of Construction Professionals, It is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and leading a chapter of the NAACP is not the job for a man who loyalty can be bought and sold.


At 12:58 PM, Blogger Dell Gines said...

You lost me Faheem.

You say that he is no longer fit because he announced that he was Republican? Didn't the article also indicate that he had been supporting Republican candidates for a minute. What, because he actually officially became one is indicative now of his inability to lead an organization?

I am going to again say one word. Quantitative. Is the local chapter effective, yes or no. All the ancilliary rhetoric is ridiculous. There is no political affiliation clause necessary to become the head of a local chapter, I know, I was up for one here, but stepped away for a variety of reasons.

What matters is what is accomplished, anything else is a trick and a waste of time.

For someone who advocates pro-black ness, and black progress, why is it you seem increasingly concerned more with cosmetic blackness than pragmatic progress?

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Dell, before I write anything I consider what those who would disagree with what I have written, thus I am answering their disagreementst as I write as to limit having to wrestle over statements or points I did not make. In doing so I seek to remove any assumptions one might make but as usual one comes alone like yourself and make an eroneous assumption and extract from my words something I did not write.

The very first thing in your response was not something I wrote or stated. Point to where I said because he is a Republican he is not fit?

Because the begining of your premise in disagreeing with me is false, everything behind it that seeks to support it is on hollow grouond, unworthy of responding to.

At 9:14 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

Hmmm... Marrying a Black woman would seem to be very pragmatic. Pro-Black-ly...

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I always thought that the NAACP was a "nonpartisan" organization. If so, why should his party switch, or the motivations for it, matter. Since when did racial identity and party ID go hand-in-hand. This man is a businessman, the GOP is the party of business, ergo, him joining up for business reasons is totally legitimate.

By the same token, if he decided that he'd come to the conclusion that he opposed abortion and gay marriage personally, and the GOP is the anti-abortion party, would he simply be "whoring" also? To me, it sounds like what is - pure political and business decision-making.

I'm surprised that an organization with a former Fortune 500 executive as it's new president (a company which has a spotty record with black employees and conumers, by the way), can't understand that business is business.

-- Conaway


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