October 14, 2005

Blaming the Black Poor; Part 979,467

Everything that is wrong with Black people is caused by the Black poor. This is the sentiment I get from reading op-eds, books, web-sites and Blogs of those who seek to either excuse America for the roll this nation has played in the destruction of Black people or seek to remove themselves from being part of the problem. One of the many things that the Black poor is being Blamed for now is the declining number of Black men and women in America because poor Black folk have more Abortions. This sentiment is mostly being espoused by the Christian Right, but not exclusively by them. The argument goes something like this, Since the Roe v. Wade decision in the 1970’s over 13 million black babies have been killed thus reducing the number of Black folk by that number, and the great majority of these abortions were had by the Black poor. One would believe that those who speak about this are Black Nationalist but that is not the case, their position is more centered on their opposition to abortion than it is their hope to rebuild the Black family and save Black people from extinction and because of that they have to frame their arguments against abortion such that it garners the attention of the Pro-Black crowd who will oppose any and everything that kills Black men and women.

As a self proclaimed Black Nationalist, when I hear that over 13 million of our people have been killed by any one thing or method since the 1970’s this disturbs me. I am equally disturbed by the anti-abortion crowd trying to win support by playing up the number of Black babies that have been killed when they have no real interest in saving Black people and the Black family. As a self proclaimed Black Nationalist I am anti or stand in opposition to anything that threatens Black people and the Black family, from our own pathologies to external realities barring down on us. This include but is not limited to drug use, drug dealing, murder of any kind, and black men and women passing up equally yoked Black men and women for a man or woman that is not Black. You see many of those Black folk who are anti-abortion that are using the argument; abortion has killed 13 million Black men and women, would have us believe that their goal in making such an argument is to express their deep concern with the decline in the number of Black people being born and living in America or give the impressions that their overly concern with the disappearing Black family. Nothing can be further from the truth.

If one is concerned about the Black populous and the Black family, they would stand in opposition to all things that threatened these two things and no one can deny that Black men and women choosing mates from outside our community is contributing to the destruction of the Black family. Also if there is a concern about the Black population decreasing than surely you can not Blame this all on the Black poor who have been beaten down over the years for having babies they were told they can not afford but now the Black poor are too believe they are solely responsible for reproducing children to stop the declining number of Black folk in America? Can’t have it both ways. The Black poor is continuously reminded that they are poor because they continue to have babies they can’t afford, or if they have a baby their chances of doing this or that is reduced and because of that the Black poor have taken it upon themselves to not become one who will be subjected to any odds that works against them having a prosperous life, so they turn to abortion.

Abortion itself is just one of many things that are responsible for the decline in Black people over the years. We can not forget about those upward mobile Blacks men and women who choose their careers over having children and in some cases over marriage. What is their role in the declining number of Black people, are they as guilty of this decline as the abortion having poor? One thing we do know, the ends of both realities is the same, no Black child is born. Look at the facts, upward mobile Blacks are in a better financial situation meaning they more so than the Black poor have the means to care for a child but yet many of them do not thus any wealth they attain in life will probably die with them or maybe a few charities will benefit from it. Then there are the upward mobile Black men and women that marry non Black men and women and if their children are not classified as Black and who knows what the census takers are doing in this matter, we again are faced with a decline in Black people. Blaming the poor for the decline in the Black populous because they are more likely to have an abortion puts the weight of keeping the number of Black folk living in the U.S. on shoulders that are already carrying more weight than it can possibly bare. Furthermore if we are going to address the decline in Black babies being born than it should not be limited to Blaming the poor, we must go after those upward mobile Black folk who do not have children and or have non Black mates less it appears one is trying to cloak their anti-abortion sentiments in a Black Nationalist cloth to get support from those of us who are Pro-Black.


At 8:29 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

The Black poor have taken it upon themselves to not become one who will be subjected to any odds that works against them having a prosperous life, so they turn to abortion.

That would suggest that Abortions are a SYMPTOM as opposed to a "cause". That would suggest that there is something else at the ROOT. I think you hinted on it. There are a lot of Mixed Messages. And those Mixed Socio-Cultural Messages, American NOT "Black" Cultural messages lead to a lot of counterproductive things.

Positive decisions, virtues do not exist in a vaccuum. Neither do negative ones. So I think you've highlighted on a very interesting phenomenon.

The Blame The Poor Tour keeps making its rounds. But it is just like the proverbial hand pointing the finger... There are more pointing back in the direction the finger-pointers (by and large) don't want to talk about.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Dell Gines said...

Just one serious question Fah.

Do you consider me black?

At 2:03 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Before I answer that question lets fill in those who are reading this as to why you would ask me such a question. For those that do not know, Dell Gines Mom is white and his Father is Black and his wife is white as well.

Now to answer your question, my perception of you is that of a Black man, so the answer is yes. However it is not so much what I think of you as to what you think of yourself. You can self identify as a bi-racial individual and refuse to check Black on a census survey or any survey or application for that matter, as can your children and by doing so prove right what I wrote about in the op-ed and that is interracial relationships do not produce Black men and women which is no different than the end result of an economically challenged Black woman having an abortion.

It is hypocritical to use the argument of depopulation of Black folk as a means to oppose abortion but think of it as a weak argument in regards to interracial relationships.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Cobb said...

I don't think there is much to the argument that puts abortion as a killer of black people. I'm sure masturbation 'kills' more, not to mention just plain ugliness. I mean if I didn't care how a woman looked at all, I'm sure there would be a lot more black babies born on this planet.

But blaming the black poor is no excuse either. I don't know how it has become the case that some black critics see the black poor as something special and unique in history. They are not, and there aren't any trageic circumstances surround black poor people that are not duplicated and worse in other places around the globe.

This is not an argument about 'be glad you're an American', I'm simply saying there's nothing special about the black poor. It still takes just as much effort to raise people out of poverty anywhere, and it's just as easy for solvent people to go broke. It's nothing new, so let's not get all bent out of shape about it.

The fate of blacks does not reside with the black poor any more than the fate of American slaves depended on the fate of those who died on the Atlantic. The fate of a people resides with those who survive. That's why the lions write history. It has always been that way and it always will. So blaming the poor for anything is pointless.

Rather we should focus on what it is that the capable do.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger bombsoverbaghdad said...

I think it's easy to blame the black poor, but also that the black poor need to step it up. The black poor are doing worse than they should be doing, and there is nobody to blame but themselves.

I agree with your point about upwardly mobile blacks not having kids. I strongly believe that positive black people must reproduce!!!

I'm also against abortion. It's just gross and cruel.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger inked said...

Just some random thoughts: Who says our population is declining? Who says our rate of growth is declining???? Is there any evidence to back up your assertions? Where does this 13,000,000 come from ? the Anti-choice movement. Come on....Have you ever been to a pro-choice vs. "pro-life" march. One is diverse, the other is NOT. Their concern is becoming a minority in the coming decades. This mess about population decline is an effort to divorce Blacks from the Dems (like anti-gay animus did in Ohio) ----- That said, I am aware that the rates of fertility among upper middle class black women is declining. ------One can't ignore the link between poverty & overpopulation. Like it or not, too many of our kids are born to parent(s) who are the least-equipped financially and emotionally to raise kids. The LAST thing we need is more poor children. I know this will sound cruel, but think not of abortion but of condoms & the pill.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Inked, not sure if you are familiar with "Blackgenocide.org" but it is a site you should familarize yourself with. Here is a link for you...


At 8:53 AM, Blogger abw said...

Michael, you have not seen enough black women to know if they are all ugly or not. If you are not black, and I am not sure if you are, know that everyone in the group that you might be in are not beautiful-some may very well be downright ugly. My problem is not with you having preferences, but saying that most/near all black women are ugly.With that said, the poor everywhere else are not the U.S. poster child for the face here. The black poor here are blamed for their poverty more than other groups. Also, other people say see what the successful do. I have respect for successful but successful people often can't or don't give back or come up with ways to contribute to the community or consider some social change to better people. Also, the whole cross-community needs to step up their game. Rich/Middle class black people(all people regardless of race) need to stop being so-self-centered, smug, materialistic and narcissistic; and the poor need to stop doing self-destructive things and unjustifiably criticizing people that choose not to follow these paths. It is one thing to blame the black poor, but not as many affluent black want to face the reality that they share responsibility for the problems the community face.


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