September 29, 2005

William Bennett Bares witness to Noah's Letter to White America

In Noah’s Letter to White America, he wrote;

Many White People rationalize that they are not being Racist, but rather are simply being truthful. In other words, they see a rational, non-emotional reason to see a certain group in a negative light, that’s usually backed up by some statistic. Therefore, they deny Racism as a motivation and instead see themselves the victims of others who are out on a witch hunt to unjustly slander their image so they become defensive. What they don’t realize is that their use and conclusions born from the statistics promotes the concept of black inferiority (BI) and or white superiority (WS). The idea or belief in BI or WS is thus a rational conclusion, as they see it, totally void of any emotions, negative or positive. Indeed, most non emotion based Racism is simply White Supremacy, but do not realize it because they have the historical, hate filled, ignorant prototype as the template.

Some might have a hard time understanding the truth of these words but as God would have it, when truth is spoken something comes along and bares witness to that truth. We can thank William Bennett for fulfilling the duty of one who will be used as the means by which this truth is bared witness too. William Bennett with his infinite wisdom made available via his radio show during a discussion about abortion wherein a caller was making the argument that the abortions stemming from the roe v. wade decision is one of the reasons Social Security is under funded, stated that making the case for a pro-life position should not rest on arguments like that because such arguments cuts both ways. To make his point he referred to the Freakonomics book wherein the author’s of that Book makes the case that abortions contributed to the decline in crime. William Bennett disagrees with the authors because as he put it “there is just too much you don’t know." Which I agree with, however William went on to say;

“But I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down. So these far-out, these far-reaching, extensive extrapolations are, I think, tricky.”

Now we must understand that the authors of the book are guilty of the very things William Bennett is guilty of except they do not live with the hypocrisy of saying one minute their conclusion is false and then not a whole twenty seconds after it saying the conclusion is true. When William Bennett said there is just too much you do not know to make an argument like this he was correct, and the only way once can make an argument like killing Black babies reduce crime is to have knowledge of what causes Black men and women to grow up and commit crime which means our crime is socially, politically and economically engineered and or we have a predisposition to committing crime while others don’t which would makes us predisposed to bad behavior thus inferior to the people predispose to doing good.

Every argument by white folk in regards to what creates the Black condition as noted by Noah is that we create it and it is not born from our past experiences and our contemporary experiences in America, which again says clearly to us that our condition is not socially, politically or economically engineered which leaves only one thing, we are predisposed to creating such condition and thus we are inferior to white folk. William Bennett did just as Noah said white people do and you better believe when William is questioned on these comments he will reach for this statistic and that statistic to RATIONALIZE his racist belief. You see William did not say he knows that if you kill every white baby crime would go down, which would have been a better argument and complimentary to his disagreement with the authors of Freakonomics, he stated killing Black babies will reduce crime albeit morally wrong. The question now is do he believe such is true concerning white babies; if we killed all white babies would crime go down? The answer is yes, we can kill all left handed people and crime would drop, we can kill every baby born in the month of July and crime would drop, so why did William first disagree with the authors of Freakonomics and a few seconds later state the very point they made in their book as being true? Mainly I believe to demonstrate that he do not believe abortions itself reduce crime because Black and white women can get an abortion, but only killing Black babies reduce crime because of our inferiority and our predisposition to crime, while killing white babies is preventing another good white person from entering the world. William Bennett racist beliefs are not emotionally driven, it is rational and a truisms in his eyes and he has the data to back it up thus barring witness to the truth in Noah’s letter to white people.


At 7:00 AM, Blogger Marc Garvey said...

Just wanted to comment that it's going on a year later and Bill Bennett still has a (at least six figure) job with a major nooz network, CNN. Which is just ongoing testimony to the truth of your original letter.


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