June 17, 2005

Why I love Reggae

Why I love Reggae and the Ras Tafari Earth movement of the Nyhabingi and Bobo Ashante. Here are some lyrics.

The term BABYLON is a metaphor that has multiple popular usages. It generally refers to forces of wickedness, which has manifested in the form of Western civilization, police, politicians and other wicked oppressive forces. Many Ras Tafari see Diaspora blacks, who are the descendants of slaves as LOST TRIBES taken into captivity into Modern Babylon. Consequently, they see the SYSTEMS of the West as Babylon. Fire Burn dem. Baldhead originally referred to those who did not dread (Wearing hair in locks). However, its general connotation and usage is the same as Babylon and refers to those who have succumbed to wickedness.

These lyrics are from Capelton and the last, of course, is from the Natural Mystic album of Bob Marley.

Nuff Respect!

The whole trick is to divide and rule and conquer.Because Babylon say the old trick of divide and rule is still valid today.So dem have black inciting black against each other.Encouraging murder among themselves.So we just have fi know seh we fe endorse that love from birth... an inborn concept.

You know seh everything it have to fill before it spill

Babylon a use dem brain
True man all the ghetto youth dem fi go down the drain
Babylon a use dem brain
The mark of the beast the whole a dem a proclaim
Babylon a use dem brain
Dem all a fight against herb and dem a shipping cocaine
Babylon a use dem brain
With dem genocidal mind dem a go burn in the flame

Oh what a agony and oh what a shame
To see my black brother goin right down the drain
Man made to suffer and woman to feel pain
Dem rape me mommy.. me sister
I say oh what a shame
Brother.. me father have fi chop sugar cane
Pon the plantation under stress and shame
Pon dem hand and dem foot dem just the shackles and chain
Now dem take it off and put it pon dem brain
True dem a me nation fi go down the drain
Now the youth dem realize and shout the Haile Haile name
Man of a lion
that mean we can't tame
One thing is me desire one thing is me aim
This a wicked Babylon dem a go down the drain

What a crisis, you would cry fi see this
Cause Dem a come with dem kit
Just to take every bit
No think me nah know
You are the boss with your kit
But oh I a say hey, you won't be leaving with
I tell dem how could dem cadet go down practice
Now I see dem own face and dem own wanna vomit
Hey hey hey hey.. you're not being kind
Have what you rob and now you leave us behind
Now something drop from your hand
But you not touch it cause a mine
What's new unto us
We have fi deal with everytime

But this is one thing I can not overstand
Dem nah teach me nothing about me Asian clan
Ina the school and the college and the institution
The cirriculum that I get is European
A teach me about Marco Polo and Napoleon
Nah teach me nothing about the river Nile bank
Where civilization it began
You say thou shall not steal and should not kill no one
Still you steal, treacherize and then you teach wrong
Slave and you murder all me dad and me mom
But wicked Babylonian you will have to burn
Tell dem come down
Fire burn all politician
Causing their suit, making us their plan
Well your dishonesty and war is their illustration
Cause they dem fighting just to enslave black man
And have dem parties
Just a cause we partition

Them crazy, them crazy -
We gonna chase those crazy
Baldheads out of town;
Chase those crazy baldheads
Out of our town.

I´n´I build a cabin;
I´n´I plant the corn;
Didn´t my people before me
Slave for this country?
Now you look me with that scorn,
Then you eat up all my corn.

We gonna chase those crazy -
Chase them crazy -
Chase those crazy baldheads out of town!

Build your penitentiary, we build your schools,
Brainwash education to make us the fools.
Hate is your reward for our love,
Telling us of your God above.

We gonna chase those crazy -
Chase those crazy bunkheads -
Chase those crazy baldheads out of the yown!

We gonna chase those crazy -
Chase those crazy bunkheads -
Chase those crazy baldheads out of the yown!

Here comes the conman
Coming with his con plan.
We won´t take no bribe;
We´ve got (to) stay alive

We gonna chase those crazy -
Chase those crazy baldheads -
Chase those crazy baldheads out of the yown.


At 1:06 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

NOAH, maybe you can hook a brother up with some good albums/songs/artists to buy. I Love Reggae too but I'm just not exposed to much of it in the Rural MidWest where I'm from.

So, hook a brother up!

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

If you want to buy the real conscious roots and culture reggae, buy albums from Sizzla, Capelton, Anthony B, Luciano, Jr. Kelly, Sanchez. These are some of the newer cats who are still producing that black consciousness, pan African liberation.

Man I can’t tell you how much the lyrics of these brothers inspire me…plus when they rock that Nyhabingi Rasta rhythm…it just makes me feel proud. When you listen to the music…its all about righteousness, youth and promotion of the black women to empress status.

I just came from lunch and was listening to some Reggea and got uplifted. “….I hears a gunshot echo in the night, then I see a youth move in the light…and I tell dem….spread a little love and let your blessing ….”

In so many ways, the Ras Tafari movement is like the Nation of Islam, in regards to their deep felt love and consciousness for the black condition.


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