May 14, 2005

Europe exported vices to Africa: Pope

I have long postulated that most of the problems Africa faces today is the product of having come in contact with Europeans. Just recently, the new Pope has come out and stated the obvious, which is a belated recognition of a long historical fact. Such an admission by the Pope is sure to weaken the image of the pontiff.

Pope Benedict XVI has said Europe must take responsibility for having Exported "all of its vices" to Africa, naming corruption and violence, which he said were devastating the continent.

It is high time that white folks from colonizing European origins take responsibility and accountable for causing many of the problems in Africa and other colonized lands. There is a movement among conservatives to propagate the idea that personal responsibility and accountability is what will change the reality of the poor. This is because they link the problems of blacks and poor to irresponsible behavior that the government is then expected to be accountable for.

Europe also exported to Africa all of its vices, corruptions and violence which are devastating African and we (Europe) must recognise our responsibility, he said.

The import-export of faith must be stronger and more responsible than the export of the vices of Europe.

To me this seems one of our great responsibilities, he said

The truth is that many of the problems of black people, if not the poor, are the resultant and legacy of the government and nation not being responsible for 300 years of unequal treatment and abuse. Thus, if the nation abdicated its responsibility to fix a problem it created, then the only solution for the problem is for individuals to inherit the burden of solving these problems, which many lack the resources and environment to do. Hence, the failure of many to pull themselves out of the whole that the nation put them is looked upon as personal failure and irresponsibility.

Africa is a continent that has been ravaged by the exploitation of whites that left a template for corruption and exploitation after their colonies were abdicated. The Europeans culturally, politically, economically, linguistically altered the continent. They imported religion and created national borders that reflected the interest of competing European nations, as opposed to indigenous homelands and ethnicities. Now that the Africans have successfully emulated what the Europeans taught them, they Africans are credited for the stagnation, if not ruin, of the continent, while the centuries of European manipulation is given no correlation to current problems.


At 7:56 AM, Blogger Scott said...

I agree with you 100% on this one.

Africa has been systematically undermined by Europe both culturaly and economically.

(sorry for any mispellings)

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Scott, I am sure that this would get your approval...given that a white religious leader echoed the sentiments known by blacks for years. Had a white respected leader not came forth with this would be on here attempting to bash us and frame the discussion as more classical black liberal victimology doctrine.

It is not only true that whites caused most of the problems of contemporary Africa....It is also true that whites caused the social and economic gaps between blacks and whites in America...with their discrimination, exploitation, and culture of violence. Is it any wonder that rates of violence by blacks is higher than whites, given the violence used to keep blacks down for 300 years? Whites taught the violence the permeates blacks in Wester society. They provided the template/blue print for over 300 years....then when blacks emulate it....people seem to think its origin is with black genetics...but the truth is that whites taughts blacks to be violent to the degree that manifest today.

At 7:02 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Actually I agreed with your commentary not with the quote.

At 2:25 AM, Blogger Daniel Belby said...

Personally I think the Catholic Church should take responsibility for offering food-for-a-bible to the starving Africans, and imposing their own religious beliefs on an entirely different culture.

The Catholic Church is not blameless. Christianity is not blameless. They are foreign cultures to both the blacks and the whites.

D. Belby,


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