May 17, 2005

America the Beautiful!!!

15 Dead Afghanis, One Newsweek Report, Reparation for the living thrown out of court and 100 years of governmental sterilization.

This basically sums up the News for me so far this week. The Hypocrisy that runs rampant in the stories mentioned above can be seen by the most ignorant amongst us. The media, particular the Conservative analyst and pontificators are falling all over themselves about the Newsweek report that American interrogators flushed parts of or a full Qur’an down the toilet as a means of intimidating the prisoners being held in Cuba. These self righteous pundits have not passed up one opportunity to mention that fifteen people died because of this report. Apparently these fifteen Afghanis in death serve a purpose for the pontificators that the thousand of innocent men and women that have died from American bombs do not. One mention of the dead who were killed by American troops or America’s endless arsenal and the subject is quickly changed. The U.S. has dropped bombs on wedding parties, that they mistook for a congregation of terrorist I suppose, and who can forget the tribes men in Afghanistan telling American troops that they knew where the Taliban was hiding and then have the American Military bomb those sites only to find out later that there was no Taliban in those areas, it was simply a competing tribe place of abode. The number of innocent men and women killed by American troop’s number in ranges that make fifteen deaths look like an off day of killing. Why the uproar over fifteen dead Afghanis killed by other Afghanis none the less? The answer is simple, in death these individuals can be the tool of the American right propaganda machine as they continue their attempt to discredit any media outlet or network that criticize the warmonger in the white house George Dubya Bush.

White folk and scared to death negroes have a particular song they sing when the reparations debate is mentioned, their song goes something like this; If reparation is to be given it should be given to those who were enslaved in America, not their descendant who have dealt with the fallout from our complete and utter destruction as a people in this nation. Well, in the case of the bombing of Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma, we have actual living folk who suffered because of the actions of white folk and this government. Surprisingly to absolutely no one that know how white folk think and how this country operates, the courts have thrown out the case of those living who were affected by the acts of this government via the aggression harped upon Black folk in Tulsa Oklahoma. The Supreme Court that has one Negro sitting on it, refused to hear the case which let stand a lower court ruling that the statue of limitation has come and gone. Mind you, these devils do not say what happen did not happen, nor do they deny that there should be reparations paid for what happen, they simply address the this depressing issue with varying degrees of complexities with a simple “The statue of limitations have run out”.

Last and most certainly not least, the revelation that North Carolina engaged in the illegal sterilization of poor people. From the early 1900’s to the 1970’s men and women were sterilized in the state of North Carolina without consenting to this procedure because the Elite, Evil and White Supremacist folk in North Carolina believed that poor folk had bad genes that made them poor or were too feeble minded to have children. A bill is being drafted in the state to pay those who were the victims of this cruel and vicious act, financial reparations. Many of the folk illegally sterilized are still living and will be able to collect if the Bill is passed. However, and we know there is always a But or However; Folk down there are now saying “where will we get the money to pay these folk”. Where did they get the money to sterilize men and women illegally? If it is not one thing it is another, the first reaction to any form of reparations is, the affected is not alive, and in cases where the affected is alive, the reaction is the statue of limitations has run out and the final reaction to paying those who have been molested, killed, raped robbed, medically abused or outright walked on by a governmental agency is to say to the victims, we don’t have the money to pay you for what we did to you.

America the Beautiful!!!!!


At 7:42 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Yeah brother….and the biggest fallacious claim of all, that has lead to an estimate of over 100,000 dead, including American soldiers and civilians contractors, is the pretext for going to war. You don’t hear these hypocrites and scared Negroes in an uproar over the deaths that have resulted from that quote “Son of a bitch”.

Not to mention the fact that some of the detainees in Cuba said the same thing. This is obviously a government shakedown of the media…for the good of the nations reputation and future. Not to mention the scandal of the British Intelligence, MI6, leaking information that Bush had planned to go to war with Iraq and shaped intelligence to support his preconceived objective of invasion.

This administration is wicked with a capital “W”…as in George (W)icked Bush.

At 6:16 AM, Blogger LouisChauvin said...

Noah Ta
Where do we draw the line with the name calling?

I would begin with the argument that the U. S. Presidency is an institution. He does nothing that is not backed by the American people. I argue that the people are evil. The President is the representation of what the Americans want. However, you raise some interesting questions.

At 6:33 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Well….the SOB quote that I used was in reference to the State Departments spokesman who was quoted as saying in reference to the Newsweek article; “ People are dead because of what this son of a bitch said. How could he be credible now”. Just who the SOB the State Department Rep is referring to is unclear. Inquiring minds want to know.

My use of the term wicked was a characterization of motivations and spirit of the administration. It has nothing to do with name calling for the purpose speaking disparagingly. It is and was simply an honest observation. Wicked is how I would describe it.

You cannot say that the president represents the interest of the American people, who are evil, because he does not represent my interest. You might be using yourself as the template for your comment, in that he represents YOU and you are an American. However, it is fallacious to assume that what is true for you is true for the whole…for it is certainly not true of me.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger LouisChauvin said...

Noah, the reason why I said Americans, Is because whether we like it or not, if you live in America you benefit from the spoils of the plunder. You breathe, work, and probably die contributing to the whole of what we call America. If you do not live in America or not a citizen. Please disregard. Yes, I am using myself as a template, because I live in America. The question I was simply asking was where is the line drawn between the Presidents actions to boost the Country line his pockets and Americans that want comfort? If you do live in America, what makes you different?

At 6:57 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

The whole President as Institution propped up by the American people (and I'm sure we're talking about the Majority Rule thing) is problematic because American institutions facilitate if not steer the American people to support the President just because its an American institution.

That is to say one cannot readily ascertain whether the President and his actions are a direct and explicit extension of "The Will Of The People". As the coined phrase goes, there are ways to Manufacture Consent. So, while accountable, the American people aren't exactly responsible for any given project by any given President in the sense of attaching blame and saying the evil of the President is there because of the evil of the People (who elected him).

Politicians "talk a good game". They say what people want to hear. That hardly lends to saying its the evil in the people that brings evil presidents/rulers to power.

At 7:15 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


I think I understand your point but benefitting or even taken comfort in The Evil Done By President(s) is different from those (presidents, etc.) who intentionally have "wicked" and evil intent.

NOAH objected, I would assume, because he neither takes comfort nor does he defend American President/gov't wicked policies.

The idea of saying you benefit because you are "American" is like arguments that claim one race is inherently, genetically inferior in the most racist sense. The attempt is attach an irreconcilable negative to something that is immuttable -- i.e. something have no control over.

The fact that people are born in the US and one argues that the US is "wicked" does not make all those within the US "wicked." People benefitting from something "wicked" does not make them automatically "wicked".

People, for one, do not control where they are born at. Two, people naturally (and generally) try to make a living in the society of their birth barring dramatic instances of social upheavel that threatens their ability to make a living or their belief that they can make a living or a difference in the country of their birth.

Some have argued that African-Americans have "benefitted" from being born in America and having been enslaved in America due to their 'higher' standard of living in the US compared to their African/Diasporan counterparts.... but no amount of delusion can make one think that such a supposed "benefit" was something Africans/African-Americans approved of with "wicked" intent or whatever.

The idea is preposterous.
The difference is in whether or not people are really comfortable with the Evil Of "Their" President/gov't. Obviously, there are no shortage of Voices In Opposition...

At 7:29 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

Speaking of Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky has a great lecture on it that can be rented on DVD. I believe it is clear that the President does not represent the interest of every man and woman in America, how could he in a two party system that use a ten percent difference to keep the people divided. The Presidency may be an institution but the man at the helm of that institution at any given moment in history represents only those who agree with his policy and Agenda.

Bush said after being elected for the first time last year that his election was a mandate, while ignoring the fifty plus million people that voted against him in lieu of voting for his opponent which are essentially the same thing barring the motivation of the voter.

The line between the comfort of the men and women in America and the actions of the Presidency is drawn when the actions of the President works against the interest of the men and women in America. The list that contains the number of actions by Bush and his administration that have worked against a great many of the men and women in America is long, from the continued outsourcing of jobs, to the war in Iraq. What comfort do you think the men and women from and in America have attained due to the actions of the President?

At 7:34 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

There is a stark difference. Just because I am an American it does not make me complicit in the policies of America. I did not vote for these wicked people. Sure, when the benefits of wickedness trickle down or disperse through the general population…I receive a benefit….BUT I NEVER ASKED FOR IT and cannot reject it because it is mixed in with benefits that are from merit. The thing is that you cannot separate the good from the bad while living in America, because it is all mixed together. Because it is mixed together, people like you want to claim that I am just as responsible….Thats BS. You only want others to share the blame of YOUR CHOICES in politicians…who are responsible for manifesting wickedness to bring in the benefits to the nation…like slavery.

This policy of wickedness can be characterized as being born from the tyranny of the majority, in the representative Republic/Democracy/Majority rule construct of our system. Being in the minority, I am forced to live with the choices and policy of the majority….BUT I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHOICES….BUT RATHER A VICTIM OF THEM.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger LouisChauvin said...

@ Nmaginate,

"Being born in America is not a choice" got it. At some point in time you either decide to stay and contribute, change things, or leave. However if you stay, the following applies.

How the President has come to power, I agree is in question. One COULD argue that we still allow this man to continue in his actions. Regardless of your position on how America is flawed. There is a measure of accountabilty that rests with every American. How much? I don't know.

The truth of the matter lies with what are we individually doing to change the things we are in opposition to. This site is evidence or your personal contributions, Thumbs up! Further, my comments are not a personal dig towards anyone one on this blog thus far, and my logic for using myself as a template. Wicked or moral I have only "my" experiences to draw from.

At 10:13 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

You know Louis the interesting thing about your arguement is that it makes those who seek to kill any man or woman from America correct in their actions and viewpoint. You argue that there is a measure of accountability with every man and woman in America, thus making all of us targets when actions are taken against this country in response to American Policy. Esentially no one is innocent and those who died in the towers are no more innocent than the suits in washington that make policy that adversly affect other nations. Would you agree with that?

At 10:59 AM, Blogger LouisChauvin said...

@ Noah,
As an American I believe that yes we are all targets. That is why before I put anyone else in the line up, I put myself first as being accountable.

Does what I say make killing justified? Nope, Accountable? Yes.

At 1:50 PM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


I don't understand how or upon what you draw the distinction you do when you started out talking about the "evil of the people" and the President being a manifestation of the "evil" within the people.

That's how I took your first point here. I'm not seeing how you've explained it in a way that's consistent with your initial premise.


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