March 09, 2005

Tribulation is nigh!

Americans beware. I most certainly am sounding like an alarmist, but for good reason, given that I believe that the next economic depression is nigh. I think one of the latest signs is the lobbying by banks to reform bankruptcy so that banks and creditors can cease assets as the economic decline is nigh. Currently, consumers can have some of the assets protected by filling for bankruptcy. For anyone who studies history and economics, crashes in economies is almost always related banks slowing the increase in the supply of money and the coming depression will be no different.

Most people do not realize that for banks, money actually does grow on trees. Well, not literally, but banks do have the power to magically “create money”. They accomplish this slight of hand by lending out its deposits. Say that Faheem has put $1000 dollars in Bank A. Then I go to Bank A for a Loan of $900 dollars. Bank A then electronically creates $900 dollars and deposits it in my Account. Where did the $900 dollars come from? Faheem still has his $1000 dollars and I now have $900 dollars and the national money supply has just been increased by $900 dollars, from thin air. Let us also not forget the interest the bank earns on the loan.

It does not end there folks. That $900 dollars ends up eventually as a deposit in another bank, Bank B, after I spend it. Bank B then lends out $810 of that deposit, which eventually is spent and ends up as a deposit in another bank (or the same bank in a different account), Bank D. Bank D then lends out $729…ect. Already, from the original $1000 dollars deposited by Faheem, the banks have created double the amount of money in the economy and it could reach nearly 10 times the amount of the original deposit.

This is the product of the Federal Reserve System that stipulates that banks must always keep a certain percentage of their deposits as liquid cash (I think it has fallen to around 1:10 ratio now). The smaller the percentage of deposits that banks are required to hold, the more money they can lend/create at interest. The money inserted into the economy through bank loans is known as “credit” or “fiat” money. It is not “Real” money, rather, it is money created for the sole purpose of charging interest and creating profit for the banking elites. It does not exist. The proof of that is if everyone who had money deposited in banks all of a sudden decided to withdraw it. The whole banking system would become insolvent, because the amount of money that it has created and lent out far exceeds its actual deposits. The vast majority of “money” in our economy is not real; it is simply “credit money” created by banks to make a profit from the charging of interest. This “fake” money has fueled our economic expansion over the last few decades.

Most people understand that a modern economy needs currency or means of exchanging goods and services, lest we rely on the barter system. Ergo, most people can rationalize the need for the creation of currency and the need for banking. What most people fail to realize is that the Federal Banking System, the Federal Reserve System, is privatized. The government does not own it, but it should. The Government borrows money from the FED…at an interest rate, which is paid back through taxing the people. If the government actually ran its own banking system, it would be a NON PROFIT entity and therefore would not be charging interest on its loans and would not be increasing the money supply through the creation of credit money simply to increase profits. Just think how much money could be saved by borrowing money at Cost. Just think of what consumers could save on Mortgage and auto loans. The current system is tantamount to usury.

The resultant of increasing the money supply is that the currency becomes overvalued and inflation looms ominous in the horizon. Everyone who has read any recent headlines knows that the dollar has been on a slide in the currency market. Speculators who buy and sell currency for profit once held dollars because of its strong value and a strong US economy to that backed it. Now, they are selling off their dollars and purchasing Euros and other currencies and the sell off threatens to drop the dollar even lower. China is the largest holder of US dollars outside of the USA and if they start selling their dollars for Euros, which is a strong possibility, the dollars collapse will send our economy into a tail spin.

That’s not the only problem though. The other problem is that our government has a huge trade deficit and large and rising budget deficit, military quagmires and a world that is embarking upon the end to the era of cheap oil. There are so many variables that point to coming disaster that only the blind cannot see it. When times like this are nigh, world conflict that leads to world wars have also been nigh. Super power and powers must create distractions lest the internal decay lead to an overthrow of the government and the system run by the elites. Wars usually serve this purpose by placing a large number of citizens out of the economy and into some sort of war. The elites figure that it is best to have a disgruntled and antsy populous looking abroad for enemies than internally recognizing that the elites in their own nation is their biggest enemy.

In summation, the threat is born from the fact that the nations money supply is under private for profit control. The creation of money and the insertion of money into the economy should be the role of the government…not private enterprise motivated by profit. The FED attempt to control this by controlling the rates charged for loans. However, this has been circumvented by the gradual and silent lowering of the reserve requirement that banks must keep as cash. The banks have essentially flooded the economy with fake money and then are charging people interest on this money. The whole system is thus ripe for collapse.

I hope that I am wrong but when one looks at the signs, they all point to coming economic correction (collapse) and wars…likely in the next 4 years. Prepare, Plan and Perform for the survival and well being of your families.


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

People may be naïve enough to believe that if such were true that they would hear about it, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that economics is a behavioral science that is driven by the behavior of consumers. If Alan Greenspan came out and says that tribulation is nigh, tribulation would manifest sooner than nigh. The reason being is that such a pronouncement would create a self fulfilling prophecy by altering the confidence of the consumer which would lead consumer contracting spending to save and prepare for the coming tribulation. Such would make the coming tribulation immediate as contracted consumer spending would reverberate through the economy in the form of reduced production and layoff of millions of workers and hence sending GDP into a negative growth period.

Thus, whether my prediction are off point or on point, in either case, one would not and should not expect such to be corroborated by people in position and power.

At 2:15 PM, Blogger bombsoverbaghdad said...

I don't have a problem with credit, but I do have a problem with these usurious rates credit cards charge. 25% is insane, and they just gained so much more power with the Senate Bill the other day.

At 6:47 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

What is the demarcation point for usury? Granting credit is one thing, charging interest for profit is quite another, although it is an accepted practice. However, to glean what I have attempted to highlight more clearly, think of it this way. Banks often lend money that they do not have. If the Reserve requirement is that 10% of the loans be backed by actual dollar deposits. Thus, if a bank has 1 billion in actual deposits, it can theoretically lend out 10 billion. Where did the 9 billion come from? The banks do not have that money. The banks then gives out loans of this fake money by securing REAL assets of consumers as collateral for assuring the repayment of this fake money. If you do not pay them banks back their fake money (with interest) with real money, they will attempt to collect your REAL assets used to secure the loan.

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