November 06, 2004


Will the success of capitalism be the death of capitalism ultimately? The combination Capitalistic-Free Market- Individual freedom-democracy is spreading rapidly around the globe faster than any alternative system. Soon, such will come to dominate the earth monopolistically and monopolies represent absolute power and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

People are starting to become arrogant and demonstrate a sense of ultimate superiority, if not perfection. Here in America, people are ostracized and condemned for critiquing the problems and flaws born in our system. Rarely does the validity of the complaint or critique get addressed directly or taken seriously. Rather, defenders of the system simply lament that there exist no better system, despite its flaws. In other words, such a response implies that there is no need to improve when you are the best and that people should simply learn to live with the flaws of the system….or leave the nation and system.

Its akin to when the American Auto Industry had no competition and hence practiced a monopoly by colusion of the big 4 auto manufacturers and there was no incentive for improvement. With competition, the Industry made improvements and advances that it would not likely had ever made if not for foreign competition. Now that capitalism has become like the American Auto industry of the past, there is not incentive for it to improve upon itself and thus what the system produces will eventually deteriorate in quality.

What will happen is that eventually Capitalistic-Free Market- Individual freedom-democracy will become ubiquitous and hence without an evil competitor to keep them honest. The resultant of this is that nations will gradually adopt repressive and oppressive policies, laws and practices.

For example, the USA has been a capitalistic democracy for over 200 years, yet, it has been very oppressive to black people. However, during the “Cold War” against communism, the USA was forced to attempt to clean up its oppression of its black citizens, given that its main claim that Communism was evil was based upon the human rights violations taking place against there citizens. However, the communist nations simply pointed back at America as hypocrites because of the way it treated its black citizens.

In light of this, once there is no “evil” competitor to capitalism, Capitalistic democracies will gradually become more evil. Again, it is easy to see how this will happen because people will be under the mind set that capitalism is the only viable option and should not be critiqued by dissent. Therefore, the system will eventually regress backwards to be similar to the early 1900’s characterized by stark division of wealth and with many human rights violations. The Middle class will slowly be eroded globally and the world will become polarized and split more egregiously today between the rich and the poor.

The success of capitalism will be the death of capitalism in that capitalism has always been a “Trojan Horse” that has had a core of exploitation fueling its success. However, competition with “evil” systems meant that the evil of capitalism needed to be masked and cloaked in order to juxtapose it as the morally, as well as productively, superior system. The fall of the evil competitor thus will result in less of a need to present a moral façade, which will therefore be the death of capitalism as we know it today.


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