November 03, 2004

Post Election thoughts

Surprise….surprise. Bush has been reelected, for all intents and purposes, even though Ohio provisional ballots are still outstanding. Who actually believed that the clandestine planers of the new world order, the spread of democracy and capitalism to the Middle East, could accomplish their objective in 4 years, especially when things in Iraq did not go as planed? Some way, some how, I was convinced that the republican conduit to this new order would find its way back into the white house. The reason being is that there is unfinished business, which could not be finished with a Democrat in office.

Nearly everything that we do as humans has an emotional motive to it. Thus, if you want to control how a people respond or behave you do so by appealing to their emotions. The Republicans picked one of the greatest motivating emotions of all, which is fear. They simply embedded, via repetition and symbolism, that Americans are not safe and that the GOP are the best people to protect you, because we shot first and ask question later. This theme especially resonated with the white American public, because they are the most accustomed to living in a bubble of relative safety and they are the ones who feel they have the most to lose by such threats.

The irony of the whole thing is that voting for Bush, a person who is despised and hated around the world, only increases the threats against the United States. That reality is masked due to the false sense of hyper superiority that Americans have about our strength and ability. True, this nation is without a doubt a symmetrical war super power. However, in regards to asymmetric warfare we are nothing special, as evidenced in the war against Iraqi insurgents. Thus, in essence, white Americans who rushed to vote for Bush to protect their safety and interest are actually bringing their safety and interest into more danger.

Looking at this strategically, the base of the Republican Party is the white population. Going forward, the demographic browning of America severely threatens the republican’s ability to win elections, given that 90% of blacks and some 60% of Hispanics usually vote democratic. The GOP can not win going forward unless they receive a greater percentage of the white vote, or become more liberal to attract the black and Hispanic vote. The latter is not likely to happen. Thus, an infinite war and threat is needed so that people will be attracted to the GOP because of their image as the party that you want to fight an enemy with, because the democrats are too compassionate to destroy an enemy. So do not expect the threat against America to be reduced any time soon, lest, the Republicans base will become more narrow.

In regards to the Democrats, this is very problematic. People were promised that their vote can make a difference and hence inspired record levels or registration and turn out, only to once again have a bounty less harvest. Going forward, such disappointed can work to fuel voter apathy and indifference in the process, which will benefit the Republicans. They psychology of the democratic electorate will surely manifest a negative reaction to the political process. Many may simply see themselves as the powerless minority in a tyranny of the majority. This is especially true of Black voters.

Every action produces reactions and reactions diverge and separate into positive and negative spheres. Thus, my question to those who vote republican is to articulate to me the negative reactions of conservative platforms. There is a give for every get, so what is given up for the conservatives get.

I have often heard people lament on how the “great society” social programs were so harmful to poor people due to the dependency it created. However, what do you do with a situation where you have women, children and men, hungry, sick and dying prematurely due to their poverty? However, you have the ability to help them financially and materially, but in doing so the tradeoff will likely create dependency in some, stagnation in some while helping others to reach independence and self sufficiency? What is the moral thing to do? To offer nothing will mean that you allow women and children to suffer. To help means that you eliminate the suffering to bearable degree, but create some dependencies in the process.
Some will argue, no doubt, that the choice is not binary and that you can teach people to fish they will feed themselves. However, this is likely the most expensive choice of all, because it requires a non cookie cutter approach that deals with helping people based upon what they need and what works best for them, which requires lots of oversight and staff, as well as funding. Thus, the cheaper solutions are either to do nothing or to take the cookie cutter approach.

Often conservatives argue that government throwing money at a problem does not solve anything and often makes matter worse. However, government social spending is like administering doses of antibiotics. If you administer too little antibiotics, the virus or disease mutates and becomes worse in the long run. Thus, the application of antibiotics inefficiently can also lead to failure. Thus, it must be administered and taken fully to be effective. The same is true of government spending, you have to spend the proper amounts to ensure that the problems are not allowed to mutate. Hence, it is not an issue of spending or not, but rather, making sure that enough is spent to fully fight the problem.

People in other countries have always qualified their dislike of America by saying that it was not the people that they disliked, but the president and his policies. Now that the president has won the popular vote and reelection among Americans, does that now mean that people will start hating Americans too, given that we obviously support what it is that makes them hate America? One cannot be too intelligent, and hate the leader of a democratic nation, without also hating the people who keep him in office.


At 8:53 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Did you vote ?

At 9:13 PM, Blogger Kim said...

Did you ever think that maybe Bush is the lesser of two evils? Kerry is too weak of a person to handle the job that Bush started. I'm not saying Bush is right in all he has done but I think Kerry would of cause more taxes to be needed because of all the programs his people want.
Bush started this and he is going to have to finish it. We need a strong president who is willing to stand up to all those who want to walk all over us. I feel Kerry would of let that happen cause he would be too busy trying to please everyone..He is a wuss and only changed the way he thinks and acts to get elected. Do we really think he is going to change 12 years of being weak? Nope wont happen..Plus we have all those terrorists wanting Kerry in.Why? Because they see him for what he really is. No back bone..Doesn't make Bush a better president, mind you only the one with the bigger balls.And the biggest backup..He has a whole lot of christian friends who voted him in.
In the overall this was a waste of time nothing will change..poor is stay poor and the middle class will disappear..There is no winners this time black or white or brown.
My voice was heard..I voted so I have the right to bitch question is did you?

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

I did not vote but when I looked at my last pay stub I was taxed like crazy and forced to pay into a social security program I may never draw a dime from. But I see where this is going, you two think voting empowers those who vote with a power one only receives by voting. That is one of the biggest lies ever told, as if by voting the voter is endowed with more of a right to speak to the issues of the day than the non voting tax paying man or woman. What about the non-tax paying jobless voter? Think he or she has the same power you two received after you voted. I guess voters are like superman, except you all use a voting booth; you go into the booth a regular man or woman and come out with super powers to COMPLAIN!!! Go head with your bad selves.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Vote or Die.... but what P Diddy forgot to say was vote and still die. You are correct Noah, Black Folk will see this big mobilization and lack of results as even more proof that the Black vote will continue to be offset by the white vote. The key group is Poor whites, they continue to vote against candidates that will benifit them more for the sake of voting for a so-called moral candidate, inspite of them living immoral lives. If a Democrat is to win the Presidency he will have to go after poor whites but poor whites continue to vote against their own interest.

At 6:29 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Scott, I exercised my right to not vote. For those who don’t know, forcing or compelling people to vote is as draconian as preventing or forcing people to vote. I chose not to vote out of conscious. Had I voted for a socialist, Marxist, communist, Democrat or Black Panther party candidate….the result would have still been the same…Bush would be president.

Of course you two would like to find rationalizations to marginalize any right to criticize that we have, but we are not going to power down one little bit. Ours is basically a criticism of white supremacy, not politics, per se. The fact that you two cast your vote for white supremacy candidates should really marginalize you more than us, being that you two are black….I assume. The only difference between the white supremacy of republican whites and the white supremacy of democratic whites is there degree of compassion. White republicans are uncompassionate relative to white democrats. Even though I am against white supremacy, I do find compassion to be a higher virtue than the lack there of. Thus, the lesser of the two white supremacy evils would be the democrats. Hence, this is why we give the Negro-Cons such hell. They choose the less virtuous of the two evils.

Lil Kim, I regards to strength, let me tell you something. All the bad cats that I know are dead or in jail. No matter how bad you are, eventually, someone or some allegiance will come and usurp you and do unto you as you have done unto others. Having a president who is swaggers as a Bad Ass (“Bring it on”) is bad for the nation in the long run; no matter his ability to delegate to others to backup the slit he talks.

What you need to understand is that the War against the US will be come an economic war. Just as here in the USA when folks want harm a business entity the simply boycott their products and services. When the USA bad ass himself inspires so much hate around the world, eventually that will translate into a disfavoring of USA goods and services in the global market place.


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