November 05, 2004


When one takes a closer look at the platform or ideology of the plurality of white American, that manifest in the form and conduit of political conservatism, it has a Darwinian strategy for black people and the poor. The call for less government and personal responsibility is essentially a call and vision for Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” to be imposed upon the black and poor.

In nature, Darwin’s theory works via variation and mutations of human biological traits, which then promotes a superior ability to survive in a given environment. These “Alpha” entities are more successful at surviving and hence are more successful at mating. The non Alpha and weaker entities thus are less successful at surviving and less successful at extending their blood lines. In the long run, this works to makes species stronger.

The natural selection and survival of the fittest rules of nature I am not against. It is inherently an unfair system to life entities, which are not responsible for their inherited genes or environment that puts some at advantage and others at disadvantage. However, what is being promoted by whites is a system that is much more unfair and unfair not because of the way nature and God planned it, but unfair in the way they have planned and controlled it.

In the competition of life, advantage is the key. However, among animals other than humans, advantage is biological and genetics. In humans, advantage in the economic competition is mostly racial and financial. Racial is not the same as biological, however. It is racial in that those with financial dominance, whites, usually favor their own, resulting in a racial survival advantage. A human having the advantage of finances generally gives them the advantage of environment where there are less obstacles and impediments to survival and hence….requires less biological strength to survive or be successful, relative to those who are poor and non white.

In light of this, what you have is whites adopting an ideology and political platform which is essentially designed to preserve racial and class advantage. This is important because the most important factor in where one finishes in the competition is determined by where they start. This is the overwhelming rule, but not an absolute rule, however. Thus, most whites are against any government efforts that are designed to promote the equalization of chance and probabilities to success.

As the great Carthaginian general Hannibal astutely noted; “It is not that I must succeed....rather, it is that others must fail”. Thus, one can see that success and victory is a relative phenomenon that can only exist if the phenomenon of failure and loss exist in conjunction and as the equal and opposite reaction of competition. Therefore, whites are preserving their status and advantage by attempting to sabotage or promote the increased probability of failure of blacks and the lower class.

At the very least whites are saying that they do not want their tax dollars to help people compete against them and achieve the status that they enjoy. Status and rank is all about displacement and separation from others. If the poor suddenly all rose to the middle class, those that were once in the middle then become on the bottom, even though there was not an absolute change in their living standards, they will feel “poorer” and less successful. This is because for the most part, status is about having something that others do not have. The more people who have what you have, the less status, success and rank you have in this society.

Not surprisingly, the rise of the black middle class and millionaires has likely given the most profound motivation to whites to end social programs aimed at evening the playing field. Note, I did not say blacks becoming equal with whites in these strata’s, just blacks entering them at greater rates and percentages that every before. Now, given the believe in white intellectual and emotionally superiority, the idea of being on par with blacks, or blacks having more than whites, threatens this belief that has been second nature for the last 300 years in this nation.


At 6:39 PM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]When one takes a closer look at the platform or ideology of the plurality of white American, that manifest in the form and conduit of political conservatism, it has a Darwinian strategy for black people and the poor. The call for less government and personal responsibility is essentially a call and vision for Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” to be imposed upon the black and poor.[/quote]

Noah: Can I ask you a question?

Why is it, as much as you talk about this country that you state things about this country from the perspective of what WHITE FOLKS/THE SYSTEM/ THE MAN is doing TO Black people but you don't have a concerted effort to discuss WHAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE DOING ON THE OFFENSIVE?


As much as I "feel" some of the concerns of the Black-Repressive-Progressive I just can't understand how they hand over the ultimate control of their very existence to some external group. Despite their condemnation of the actions of this wealthy elite they know that it is necessary for these people to do what they do so that there is a ready source of money for confiscation and application toward the interests of the PROGRESSIVE.

Now logically explain why I am lying.

Scott - pay attention. I am like salt on a snails back to the Black Progressive. Instead of DEFENDING BUSH you need to illuminate to them how in their every day life they are protected by the American Weapons of Mass Destruction lest they be conquored and speaking another language just as the are speaking Ebonics/English right now. (These type of comments piss Faheem off) - otherwise he would be in agreement with me. (I don't fit the Clarence Thomas [weak + sellout] stereo type and it throws them for a loop because they know I am telling the truth about them..

At 8:14 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

There you go again, starting your own discussion and not responding to what was written. Didn't you start your own BLOG?

You would love to believe you actually piss Faheem off and throw me for a loop. Contrary to your own thinking you are just like the regular handkerchief head Negro-Cons.

Let me show you how much a Negro you are Renaldo, You proclaim the weapons of Mass Destruction are protecting us lest we will be conquered and speaking another language. Uhhh... Didn't this happen already? Are we not speaking a different language than that of our ancestors? You are so twisted that you do not realize all that you fear has already happen once but because you suffer from Stockholm syndrome you identify with your colonizer and have accepted everything from him as your own, thus you have taken on the same fears he has. I don’t share your fears Renaldo, in fact as a student of history, I know the fall of America is inevitable but Negro’s like you have fallen in love with the enemy thus your fears are his fears. How shameful is that?

At 4:06 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

To answer your question Renaldo, my tirade against the "system" and or "white supremacy" is designed to show cause and effect of the black condition. Secondly, it is designed to show the futility of attempting to have our interest represented within this construct of white supremacy. Thirdly, I my ultimate solution or belief is that black folks should move towards controled and self imposed seperation from this system. Given that our ancestors had a major role in creating what this nation now enjoys, many black folk want to stay in this land and not move away. THus, reparations should take the form of Land and Capital, for black people within this nation, for us to run quasi-independent of the "system". Now....the only way to accomplish this is via the Governments approval or via revolt and revolution.


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