November 01, 2004


There is a new heart medication pill that is to be marketed / targeted to the African American heart patients. This is very controversial to say the least. The reason being is that it implies a biological bases for race, to the degree that the pill is designed and intended for black people.

This is potentially very great and very ominous. Indeed, it’s the proverbial double edged sword that cuts both ways. It is potentially great in that science is attempting to target and cure problems acute or endemic to black people. It is ominous because if blacks can be biologically targeted with medicine to our good, we can therefore also be biologically targeted for the bad as well.

He who increases knowledge eventually increases sorry. This is always the trade off as long as there exist good and evil in the world. AIDS is already seen as a man made biological war upon black life, although its is not a disease that can only be manifested in black people. It was just released in an area and through a conduit that was calculated to cause maximum damage among black lives.

The whole issue of biology and race is a very dangerous one. There is already studies that have shown that blacks have a slightly higher levels of testosterone than do whites. Thus, some people are linking these findings to the correlation with high levels of violence committed by blacks. They argue that testosterone increases the propensity in violence as demonstrated by the difference in violence between the gender and the corresponding testosterone level differences.

The danger is that knowledge gains comes in increments. Thus, once certain findings are released concerning racial differences, no matter how slight, people are going to use it to promote the doctrine of racial superiority or inferiority or to explain variances in behavior, such as violence. This is an example of a little knowledge being very dangerous. People can and do draw very wrong conclusions prematurely.

I know that in my own profession as a system analysis, sometimes I come across a discovery while debugging some code in an attempt at problem resolution. There have been occasion that I prematurely and erroneously jumped to conclusions, simply because it was the first thing I discovered that had changed or was different. However, eventually when I continue on studying the algorithms and branching, I discover that the code I thought was in error was actually compensated for in another section of code. I think that the same is possible and probable in biological studies. Some time they may find variations, only to have those variation in the future reconciled with new information about chemicals or proteins that work to balance or offset the higher or lesser levels of another.

We are truly embarking upon levels of science and knowledge that can greatly benefit us, but simultaneously, greatly threaten our existence. As the Kenyon recent Noble Prize winner has noted, the new phase of warfare is biological.

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At 8:00 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

This is not suprising, just more movement towards the truth. The South African Dr.Death is on the record as having studied how to develop chemical and biological means to kill Black men and women in Apartheid South Africa.

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Whenever you take a new drug, read that long as drug description, many drugs have different interaction based on "race". And don't expect your doctor to know it.

At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gender can cause drugs to affect people differently, too. Also - even within the same race, one's biological background can cause a drug to influence not identically.

I have, however, read of blacks who complain that there isn't ENOUGH testing by drug companies to determine how drugs interact with individuals according to their racial make-up.

Seems to me that logically, we can't have it both ways. Either it IS right to test and make sure that a drug is efficient for all races (or both sexes.) Or, it is WRONG - but then we shouldn't complain when race doesn't enter into the testing phase.

Personally, it seems that the FDA should make some effort to make certain that a drug is efficatious (sp?) for all - and, if not, at least alert people to the variances.

Peg K

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

I think that we all realize biological distinctions and differences between men and women. However, I do not think that it is probable that anyone would use such knowledge to try and whip out the women on this earth or to greatly reduce their population. So bringing up the women thing is really not the same thing as racial biology.

The question is not one of right vs wrong; it is one of knowledge gains being used for good and evil. The less power humans have, the less threat we are to ourselves, the more power that humans have, the bigger the threat that we become to our own existence. That is the conundrum.

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But there are differences in men & women beyond the obvious; differences in how their hearts work, differences in how they metabolize alcohol, and far more of which I am not aware, I am sure.
While women ARE often given the same drugs as men - when these drugs were NOT tested on women, really isn't right.

Of course, knowledge can be used for evil. A given. Still - I would rather have the knowledge, and urge people to do good with it (because most will) than to not have it.

Peg K

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

There are differences between men and women...but that is off topic here. the issue here is one of race and biological research on race that can and will be used for evil purposes.

I think that you are biased because you live in the time of BENEFIT from such research. However, if you lived in the time of likely would sing a differnt tune. It is akin to having the benefits of the first Nuclear bomb and using it against Japan, saving thousands of American lives in the process. However, if the world war III results in a nuclear armigedon...people will curse the knowlege. I guess where one stands is dependant upon what side of the benefit/cost they exist upon.

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Noah if they make a black bomb, we can also make a white bomb. So don't worry about it.

Anyway it will be funny when white supremist are dying from their black bomb because they have black blood in them.

Trust in life to be ironic at least.


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