November 17, 2004

The Essence of Politics on Display..

The essence of politics is on display in the matter of the Republicans changing their own rules to benefit one of their own. Black folk have been and continue to be suspicious of Politicians and their ability to make laws that benefit them or special interest. We are all aware of the power lobbyist have in Washington and how they literally bribe politicians to vote one way or another on various issues. In the case of Tom Delay, the “moral right” changed a law that stated leaders in the GOP had to relinquish their leadership position if indicted for a felonious crime. Tom Delay is probably going to get indicted for his role in illegal corporate contributions to a political associate of his and under normal circumstances he would have to step down once the indictment is handed down.

However, Tom Delay has won favor with his GOP buddies based on his successful gerrymandering down in Texas that led to three Democrats loosing their seats in the house and getting three or more republicans elected. It is obvious what the GOP did in Texas is gerrymandering but in a two party system where this kind of behavior is carried out by both parties the foul cry is not screamed as loud as it should because the Democrats know given the chance they would do the same thing, and yet they still believe we should believe in this system.

In cases like this where it is so clear that Delay colleagues are acting in his favor to protect him and willing to go as far as changing a rule they voted to have, the belief that politicians do not act in the interest of the people is confirmed. The GOP is saying the possible indictment of Delay is a partisan attack, you know like the impeachment of former President Clinton. This act by the GOP only bolsters Black men and women suspicion of politics and politicians in a two party system where no behavior is limited to one party and it further confirm that these two parties use their ten percent difference to keep the men and women in America divided.


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...


Just to ask - What was your view on the Clinton impeachment and the calls for him to resign?

Many thought that the impeachment charges were politically motivated and rejected them. I recall that on the Saturday in which the ruling took place many congressional Democrats walked from the Capital to a gathering place and had a press conference expressing support for "their leader".

This is in no way the same thing I guess (in your mind)

At 2:15 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Renaldo, you have to pay close attention. This was written by Yours trully "Faheem" not "Noah".

Secondly, Why are you pointing to another incident to refute what I have written? I wrote in this piece that the Democrats are not making a big fuss about this because if given the chance they would engage in the same dispicable behavior. It is you; Renaldo, that argue in defense of the right thus assume anyone who is not in agreemwnt with you are on the left.


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