November 04, 2004

Don't make me Laugh late..HAHAHAHAHA

The exit polling suggests that the tilting factor of this election was morality. However, exit polling also showed that Kerry would be the winner (go figure). Be that as it may, how do the republicans get to be the party of war as well as the party of morality? Is not war immoral, especially when undertaken by falsified and or erroneous pretext? Is ignorance and ineptness an acceptable excuse for behaving immorally?

What are the connotations of this linking between morality and political choice? One big connation, given that nearly 90% of black people voted democratic, is that blacks are less moral or less concerned about morals than any other group in America, while whites are the most moral. That is strange, because if you use homophobic as a criteria for morality, then black folks are the most moral people in the nation. The reason being is that African people have traditionally always been staunchly against homosexuality, that is why so many black folks who are gay are on the DL. Also, black people are some of the most church going, and God praising folks in the nation....always thanking God publicly....which you rarely here whites do.

Another contradiction of the morality of Republicans is their position on Abortion. They are pro life, they say, yet for the death penalty for transgressing adults. They believe in an eye for an eye as justice . Yet, not a white eye for a black eye to seek justice and reapair for 400 years of oppression of black people. They are against offsetting discrimination against blacks by discrimination against whites, in the form of Affirmative Action. Also, they are good at promoting life while it’s still in the womb, but they want to cut social programs that helps families and children once they are out of the womb. If they had their way and no women received abortions, could you imagine the increased population, many of them poor, that would need some sort of public assistance and help….that the GOP would then refuse to provide in their quest for small government?

There is so much hypocrisy in this notion of moral superiority on the part of Republicans that it is pathetic. The truth is that much of the preaching that the GOP does about morality is simply pandering to the belief that poor and black folks are immoral, while white folks are moral. When one thinks about cultural parasitic influences, Rap music and not “Desperate housewives” comes to peoples mind, because it has a black face. The truth is that the biggest proponents of free market capitalism are Republicans who preach less regulation and government interference. The out growth of these socially and culturally eroding enterprises is the direct resultant and consequence of the free market and quest for profit under the capitalistic system. Hence, even though the talk a good game, the Republicans are not going to change a damn thing because cultural decline is correlated to economic gains and GDP growth, the all and only measure of well being.

The Republicans have total control of government. There is little balance of power. Hence, they should be able to fix all these problems of immorality and cultural decline in this nation…but will they? Hell No! They only told you that so you would vote for them. What they are going to go about doing is assuring that the wealth distribution in the USA continues to grow in favor of the upper population quintile. If you are not in that quintile, then more than like expect more of the same or to be SOL.


At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A preponderance of voters stated that morality was their most important factor when voting.

That they expressed this does not, of course, mean that they were indeed voting for the more moral candidate - only that in their opinion, the candidate for whom they voted was more moral. (And, I have not seen a breakdown of stats. Certainly possible that many Kerry voters expressed morality as an important issue - and THEY thought that KERRY was the more moral candidate.)

To me, however, this is something good.

I would rather vote for a candidate that I thought had integrity, than vote for a candidate based upon any individual issue.

Unlikely that I will agree with a candidate on all the issues - ever. But if I think my candidate has integrity, then at least I will believe that he has given an issue a fair hearing, weighed the evidence, and so forth.

If the voters - no matter what party they support - are considering morality as important, that seems like a positive.

Peg K

At 8:31 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

It is scary that someone as mature and educated as you, Peg K...choose to be so wilfully ignorant. There must be a great reward or self interest for you to keep your head stuck in the sand.

At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noah - think about what you are saying.

Are you saying that you think those who support Democrats and have liberal views aren't moral? Or that morality doesn't matter to them?

If you are NOT saying this...then when THESE people vote, morals matter to them, too!

Different values, to be sure. But - each side might well claim that making sure THEIR values get into power is important.

You can call me lots of things. But I am no ostrich!

Peg K

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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