November 11, 2004

A closer look at the motives of Black Conservatives

It has become evident, after this recent presidential election, that the black conservatives of America have some sort of complex or dilemma going on concerning their role and status in the black community. I say this because there is a heightened effort, on their part, to try and ramp up the percentage of the black votes that were cast for Bush. They are arguing that there has been some sort of conspiracy to propagate the exit polls which show Bush getting the least percentage of black votes. For example, the CNN poll, as opposed to the LA Times poll. They, hypocritically, are sounding like “Victims” of some left wing conspiracy that’s keeping them “down”. The “man”, or the “liberal white man”, if you will, has become their boogieman as they claim the black liberals cry victimhood and are haunted by the conservative white boogieman.

(NOTE: If there are liberal and white conservative boogiemen…then race, and not politics, is still our primary impediment)

The Black Conservative behavior is akin to arguing over whether or not you got 11 or 15 questions correct on a 100 question test. Folks…. Let me be the one to break the news to you….it just does not matter, because both scores are failures. However, it seems to be of great importance to the black conservative, AKA, the Negro-Con. The reason being is that the Negro-Con has a “sell out” complex and needs to have more blacks share their ideology and belief so that they are not seen as anomalies in the black community.

The Negro-Con is kind of like some Bi-racial people, in that; they do not feel that they really fit in anywhere. Most of them fully understand that racism is still alive and well in this nation and that they not seen in the same light as white conservatives. Plus, they have no leverage to influence the platform of White conservatives because they are not needed to win elections for them. They have estranged themselves from the masses of black people, by labeling themselves differently and by attacking the leadership of those black masses. Now, they fit in nowhere, but amongst each other.

Thus, the Negro-Con is actually in mode of “recruiting”. There goal is to convert as many black folks as possible to their way of thinking. They are attempting to do this by attempting to tell the black masses what to think and by attacking the traditional black leadership. This is why whether or not Bush got 11% or 15% of the black votes was so important to them. It represents a vindication of their “blackness”, if more black people think and behave the way they do. Thus, by Bush/republicans getting a larger percent of the black vote than before, means that they feel less like outcast, sell-outs, and uncle-toms…even if no one has labeled them as such…it’s a Freudian projection. The way they see themselves subconsciously, they project that other black folks see them that way…which may be true too.

What I believe…I believe based upon understanding nature, human nature, history and a desire to be righteous (not the same as religious). I do not care if one percent of the people think like me or 100%. All I care about is that I be principled, logical and truthful in coming to my conclusions and beliefs and not having the written in stone and not subject of logical altering. Thus, I have a hard time reconciling why the Negro-Con spends so much time “whining” about what percentage of the black vote Bush got. More than anything else…I believe that the Negro-Con simply wants to be “loved”, “accepted” and to fit in somewhere.


At 6:11 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

This is on point Brother. Negro-Cons are constantly looking for acceptance and ways they can prove they are not an anomaly. This same Negro behavior is noticeable when these Negros call in to talk radio shows or send letters in; they normally say something like, I am a African-American and I agree with blah blah blah, or I am a Black American and I agree with you on Blah blah blah. They mention they are Black because they know what they are agreeing with is inherently detrimental to Black men and women or a racist lie; and no Black person in his or her right mind should be agreeing with such madness but they want white folk to know that there are some Black folk who are happy being bootlicking handkerchief head Negros. Just look at the Conservative Negrohood and all that they write.

At 6:17 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Hahaha..yeah. I remember when I used to watch CSPAN. The only people whe were calling in and mentioning their race were black conservatives. It went something like this: "first of all....I am an African American....".

It is akin to a Republican calling in and saying "First of all...I am a conservative...but I vote against the conservative platform and align myself with the democrates". That is essentially what black conservatives are saying: "First of all...I am an African American....but I think like most white people and side with them on most issues, even though I am black".

It is a statement of superiority. It is the few (blacks) attempting to exalt themselves over the many (blacks) to or for the approval of the white masses. Again...."First of all...I am an African American and like you (whites) I know that 2 + 2 = 4, even though the masses of my people are too ignorant to realize this. Thus, I am here to change or influence your perception of black people. I hope, therefore, that you see outstanding and intelligent black people like me as the offset to the ignorance of my black people".

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

If you guys get any more pathetic and overgeneralized I think I am going to puke.

I have said publicly that 11% or 15% for Bush is not going to change anything in our community. If 95% of Blacks begin to vote Republican, all else being the same NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE IN OUR COMMUNITY.

This past election loss which was handed to Black Folks who had some major faulty assumptions going in should have been a wake up call. Instead now the lead sheep dogs are attempting to deflect this time which should be a time of reflection into various CT's that Bush lost the election but for fraud with the computerized voting.

I simply ask why, if you believe what you believe with regard to the standard of living that every American should have access to why is it necessary to have national election success to bring this forward?

The Black community has billions of dollars under it's control. Despite hearing claims of 30 year old text books and the lack of other facilities when the main people who COULD be funding first class facilities and resources, none other than the local people themselves have opted to invest their money into personal consumption items.

The vote that I made on November 2nd was not FOR BUSH. It was AGAINST THE FAILED BLACK LEADERSHIP THAT DOMINATES OUR CULTURE and advances the concept of "CONDITIONED HOPELESSNESS".

I will say again - the popular mindset of Black America will not change until there is another melinated group of people to come to this country and do everything that THEY said was not possible because of your skin color. Then you will have two reactions from the Black community. Those who "get it" will depart from their slavish alliegance to the Popular Progressive Political Agenda and achieve success in the process while others will feel that someone else is STEALING WHAT IS THERES and continue the same ole same.

With 2/3's of brown skinned people in Ivy League colleges being African or Caribbean it appears that my prediction is well on it's way of coming to fruition.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

Noah and Faheem:

Can I ask you - Can you tell me the mechanism that is in place to accept feedback concerning the EFFECTIVENESS of the Popular Black Progressive Ideology that dominates Black America?

Corporation have quarter statements and annual reports to provide to their investors to provide them with where the company stands and gives them a chance to remain on board or abandon this entity, placing their funds elsewhere where they feel more confident.

Democracies have ELECTIONS. This gives the individual citizen to cast their vote on the general direction of the country, state, county, or city. This is the time to repudiate the current course and switch to a different one.

Students receive report cards. 3 times a year both the student and their parent receive this document to provide ample warning of where this student stands prior to the last report card - WHEN IT REALLY COUNTS, going into the student's permanent record.

What is the current mechanism in place, I ask you, that provides similar feedback to the so-called leadership infrastructure in the Black community?

Elections? Jesse is not elected
Statistics? They are used to prove the failings of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

What is it that should be used Faheem and Noah?

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

If anyone is pathetic, that would be you. Thinking by voting for Bush you are voting against Black Leadership, how ignorant is that? It is only the backward thinking negro men and women like you that extrapolate a sense of hopelessness from anything spoken or written by Black leadership. I would love to see an example of what you call conditioned hopelessness and how it is being advanced by Black leadership. One would think that Black leadership is the creator of the problems and not the ones pointing it out reading the garbage you write.

We all know that those Black men and women from abroad that attend these Ivy League schools are part of the brain drain and do not in any way say one thing or another about racism or the structural racist system in America. I pointed out on this Blog and asked those who assert silly assumption like yours to take a look at the Caribbean brothers and sisters coming to America and those going to the UK and juxtaposed their conditions, Same people from the same family but when they both immigrate to their new country they are affected differently by white racism in those countries. You see, it is so easy to ascertain that white folk in America treat Black folk from abroad differently, in the fact many Black folk from abroad do not want to be seen as a Black man or woman from America. They make a distinction between us and themselves because they know the reaction they get is different plus they know that white folk see them as different. However after about a generation or two in this country when most traces of their origins have been erased and they do not have the foreign assent, they realize that the preferential treatment they received was not due to white folk not being racist but due to the distinction they made between Black men and women from abroad and those born and raised here.

Lastly if you think that Black folk from abroad attending Ivy league schools is an indictment of some kind this only demonstrate the importance you see in being amongst white folk. I would much rather our best and brightest attend an HBCU, after all it has been proven that these schools produce more Black doctors, lawyers, accountants and various other professionals than do those Ivy league schools that you did not attend either but apparently see it as the true definition of success.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]One would think that Black leadership is the creator of the problems and not the ones pointing it out reading the garbage you write.[/quote]

God gave man the gift of both being born and of dying so that another set of humans, both physical and mental can be born and refresh the Earth.

There is neither a slave nor a slave master that is alive today.

The one link that that little Black child born today has with his ancestor's travails is the culture which he is raised in. Since the world that this little Black baby is born in today has but the smallest proportion of the systematic oppression that the ancestors of both you and me had faced I conclude that we must look at the system of indoctrination of these new born Black babies as needing to be inspected.

Either WE are not putting the proper associations into their minds or we are allowing the outside world to inject THEIR images.

I see no attempt by you nor any other malcontent to depart from these shores and away from this powerful enemy so I must conclude that while it may be bad for you it is not bad enough for you to depart and rework your own experience. As a matter of fact it is not even bad enough for you to stay within this country, protected by American Weapons of Mass Destruction from outside enemies and develop your own overlay economy to issolate you from the scourages of the "White man's" economic cycles.

It is hard for me to accept leadership from P-Ditty and Russell Simons who were working on behalf of John Kerry as they claimed to be working on behalf of Black people only to find THAT BOTH OF THEIR CLOTHING LINES ARE MADE IN CHEAP LABOR LOCATIONS AND NOT NEW YORK CITY AS THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT 50% UNEMPLOYMENT AMONG BLACK YOUTH, Faheem.

So you tell me who is the bigger fool? Who is chasing after Windmills as they blow away the resources that they DO control attempting to hijack someone else's wealth and have it flow through the hood?

The biggest problem that Black America has TODAY is flawed leadership that NEVER ASKS ANYTHING OF IT'S OWN PEOPLE IN THE EFFORT TO MOVE THEM ONE STEP CLOSER TO SALVATION (aside from voting and registering for the census so that wealth created by a capitalistic system outside of their community can be transfered INTO their community while they all the while condemn US foreign policies that have generated such fruit) Thus the Consumer Capitalist Co-Conspirator tale goes.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Your basic argument is not your own nor is it unique. Your argument much like your white cohorts is, teaching our history to our children is teaching victimization, pointing out the evil in this nation is teaching victimization and if we do not like it we should leave this country, "the old go back to Africa argument". Didn’t you mention the word pathetic earlier, that is the best word to describe you. You are back to your old tricks of talking about other Black folk to try and marginalize our arguments. There has been no talk of P-Diddy and Russell Simmons on this site beyond pointing out Russell Simmons Gold Digging wife ambitions to sell poor people eight hundred dollar cell phone.

No one is a slave today and there is very little mention of slavery on this Blog, we articulate arguments based on the law of causality, we are the end results of all that has taken place in this country. Our condition today is inseparable from the past actions of those who help foster it.

And like a true Negro, you no longer are arguing your previous arguments after they have been utterly destroyed, I expect nothing less from you or any Negro-con especially ones that talk about Black folk from abroad attending Ivy Leagues schools as something great when you did not attend one, thus anything they say about us, they say about you but you are so sick you actually think you are not one of us and identify with the enemy. It must really suck being you.

Stop arguing against things we have not mentioned, I thought thats what you started your blog for, we now see how far that has went.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

Oh great slippery one, Faheem

[quote]Your argument much like your white cohorts is, teaching our history to our children is teaching victimization, pointing out the evil in this nation is teaching victimization and if we do not like it we should leave this country, "the old go back to Africa argument".[/quote]


Let every Black child know of the blood bath that was had in the founding of the country. Great.

Now let us do part 2. Let us make note of how the current strategy of condemnation YET assimilation in pursuit of the capitalistic dream leaves us unable to justify the acceptance of the fruit from this county no more than the white man who has a lineage in this country just the same.

In the end you are left issolated and painted in a corner Faheem. You repudiate this country's economic system and how it was founded and yet you seek to acquire more "stolen Indian lands". PLEASE TELL ME WHICH IS IT FAHEEM? It must be you who is confused.

Or if you can detail for me how it is that your land that you currently reside or is not stolen they YES you will finally have trumped me in an argument.

On parallel if you can show me the strategy that you have to organize Black people for a departure from this STOLEN land by first reducing our dependence on this land and the system that operates it I would be even more pleased.

But you see, Faheem, you must understand - the more mortgages you have, the higher standard of living you cleave to, the harder it is going to be to take the leap off of that rope that you are dangling from as the hot air ballon takes you higher and higher. At some point you are a mile up in the air. A choice to let go at that point means certain death from the fall.

Yet we have millions of starving Black Africans who could benefit from a more systematic set of order around them. You and others would rather talk about what "you don't got" as it relates to the White man from within a system that he has created yet despite all of the talk about how 'man made political boundries' are Eurocentric and Imperialistic in nature you and other Progressives are neutralized in your response both the Mexican immigrants looking for a better life doing the same thing that you would do and about Africans who wonder why their long lost brothers are purchasing 24" spinner rims and phat gear when they don't even know where their next meal is coming from.

Who is lost Faheem?

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Well, whether by coincidence or correlation, blacks have improved over the tenure of “liberal” black leadership. The poverty rate going into the 1960’s was up near 60% for black people. Over the next 44 years, the black community has had a “liberal” black leadership. Over the last 44 years, the black poverty rate has gone from 60% to 24%. Now, I am not going to say that this is correlation, but it sure is an argument to reject the notion that black leadership has hurt black people, when things have only gotten better over the last 44 years. Granted, some things have gone down, like marriage rates, but if poverty has not gone up, then marriage rates is not a great contributor to poverty. It that was the case, poverty rates should have gone up with the inverse decline in marriages, but that did not happen.

The think is that there is no national scale case study of what would have happened had a more conservative approach been taken with dealing with the problems of the poor over the last 40 years. I think if one looks at the South, however, that is a good example of what happens under conservatism, because those states are conservative in regards to assisting its citizenry. Those states have consistently the lowest educational achievements, the highest poverty and the lowest incomes, with a few exceptions to the rule, like the Atlanta area. I have not seen Mississippi rise from decades of conservative white policies in the state. It has perpetually remained the basket case of the nation, in almost a third world type mode.

Renaldo, you are simply an intellectual masturbator. That’s why you always sound like a “nut”.

At 11:53 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

Talk about slippery, you have yet to stick to one argument and now you have another hundred questions none of which address Noah’s original op-ed. I told you Renaldo you need to start your own Blog because apparently you want to discuss things we have not said. If I address every point in your last tirade you will respond with a quote from my response and then take the discussion in a whole different direction. What sense does it make for me to continue answering your madness if your next move is so predictable? I’m done responding to your foolishness in this thread but stick around I am sure we will say something that will send you on another tangent that has absolutely nothing to do with what we are writing about.

At 5:48 AM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Well, whether by coincidence or correlation, blacks have improved over the tenure of “liberal” black leadership.[/quote]

Please research 2 important concepts:

Tidal growth vs ORGANIC growth.

Tidal growth is what happened during the 1990's where the general good tidings of the economy "lifted all boats". I had several good friends with good jobs start 3 different Investment clubs as it was enought to throw a dart at a dart board to pick a stock and make money. Some of these people beforehand thought that "stock" was something you put into a soup pot.

When the stock market turned south all of these investment clubs closed down. The time that you actually needed some shared resources to STUDY your investments they all cut and run.

Likewise the lifting of the oppressive hand of White supremancy is going to result in some of the gains that would have taken place had not for the doors having been closed prevented such from happening. The bulk of the gains that you point to are TIDAL in nature or the result of the "lifting of sanctions" against Black America by this racist system.

Now ORGANIC gains, this is a very different matter. Organic gains are organized and directed actions where a focused set of disciplined behavior is used to intoduce competition to an existing market and thus beat people at their own game or by creating new markets entirely.

Though I do dispise the messages and images, I believet that the hip hop industry has created wealth by blazing new territory.

The bottom line, however as to why we have a higher rate of unemployment and the reason why cities such as Detroit, Camden, Newark, East St. Louis, Gary and Benton Harbor are the way they are is becuase they lack leadership that can create jobs, industry and the academic environment that would lead to this high standard of living that the people want. It appears that racial control was the lead interest instead of developing and maintaining the infrastructure that would provide for the people.

If you point so gleefully to the Progressive Leadership that has ralled Black folks for the past 40 years how do you explain the conditions in these specific cities as well as the districts in many of the other major cities? There is no doubt that all of these cities and congressional districts are represented by a Black Liberal/Progressive Elected offical and surely not a Black Conservative.

Organic growth is what the Asians and some Hispanics are doing as you drive through the communities which they have "taken over". The stores are not chain stores (Best Buy, Target, Red Lobster, and Moes) as you see in the upscale Black communities in Atlanta and Chicago. They are locally owned and operated.

It appears to me that the Black leadership of today are Integrationalists with the hopes that they can convince White folks to put their national interests for equal distribution of resources ahead of their desires to maintain their racial advantage. In seeing that the "tipping point" for communities if 42% before White folks beging to move I don't thing this is going to happen any time soon. They say when a community becomes 42% minority the White folks begin to move. Now they did not say CONSERVATIVE Whites it says ALL WHITE FOLKS. You can continue to believe that the Democrats (or as Noah Calls them - Compasionate White Supremacists) are going to give you their shirt off of their back as a substitute for organizing and adding discipline within our own community all you want. Ted Kennedy (the Senator who has never met a Black person who HE believes would not starve unless HE gives them a fish) loves dangling carrots in front of unsuspecting Blacks as long as you vote for him. Express any measure of independence and let's see how he changes.

The failure in Black leadership is the failure centrally ask those who they proclaim to be helping to do anything in order to help themselves to move one step closer to their own salvation.

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

Detroit declined due to the entropy of the vessel of this nation. Your Tidal theory does not address vessels in the water that become structurally weak. Detroit was in the lower deck of the vessel of America because it was an industry that was on the decline in America due to the loss of comparitive advantage. Thus, as America began to take on hit places that were that were the most dependant upon ceratin industries. It has nothing to do with an "organic" failure. In fact, "organically", there has been much growth in Detroit proper....however, it has simply been more than offset by "Tidal" and "structural" losses.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger abw said...

The idea that blacks focus on victimhood is false. What is the agenda of Conservatives but scrapping the little investment in social programs that we have and replacing it benign neglect. Conservatives bitch and moan about Welfare, Medicare, and Affirmative Action? Fine. But aren't business subsidies,farm subsidies,etc welfare? How about the legacy system in college, the good ole boy network,etc. Conservatives have think tanks,media,etc expressing their point of view regularly and yet they are persecuted and victims somehow. Who subscribe more to the ideology of victimology but conservatives when they claim something is wrong with everybody but them and whine about the few scraps everyone else gets when they eat the whole pie. It is one thing to disagree with the stance of liberals on ideology but conservative ideology is no panacea for the problems people face.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger abw said...

Constructive feedback made the point that the critics of America are not immigrating anywhere else. Whose to say that many people stay in this country because they would prefer to contribute to the black community their time,talent,and skills instead of running away and becoming apart of the reverse brain drain population for U.S. Blacks and competing with other suffering groups-probably black in some instances and taking jobs and opportunities away from them. If Republican conservative policies are such a success, explain the colossal failures of Reagonomics. Materialism is mentioned in relation to blacks, but with us making 60 cents on the dollar and being exploited in mortgages,etc and dealing with the cost of living, who is to say that much of the money we get does not go to necessities. Also,how does the idea of overconsumption square with our increase in savings and business ownership.


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