October 05, 2004

Group Thinking.....


One thing I always say, regardless of how evil and wicked Caucasian people have been to Black people in America and in the Diaspora; you must hand it to them for their relentless assault and attack on any form of unity by black folk to combat white supremacy. In the same way they came up with the word nigger that has lasted for decades, they continue to introduce ways of thinking and phrases that Black folk use to either belittle or attack one another. Some of these phrases are; “The Race Card”, “The Victim Attitude”, “Reverse Racism” and the one discussed in this piece “Group thinking”

Group thinking is a phrase used to define a group of people who all think alike as if it is a bad thing. Those of us who think Black people should be using our positions in government and as celebrities to put forth issues that matter to black folk are accused of espousing Group thought. Interesting enough those of us who get accused of this are normally Nationalist (Pro Black). Group thinking kills the idea of “individualism.” Individualism is the thinking that “I got mine” and I did it all on my own, I did not benefit from anything or anyone.

Why must Black people think as a group? And do white folk think as a group? These are good honest question and I think it is about time it got addressed.

Black people have and continue to subscribe to “group thinking” in large numbers because that which caused much of our ills was sponsored by “group thinking.” White people for centuries thought the same and acted the same concerning us. A drunken dirty homeless Whiteman felt in his heart he was better than an educated wealthy Black man because of thoughts held by his group. Group thinking made laws that caused harm to Black people legal. Group thinking is what makes it hard for us to get home loans. Group thinking is what cause police to brutalize Black men and women.

Group thinking is what gives power to any thoughts or ideas coming from the group. It is common for anyone opposing the idea or thinking of a group to search for one in that group who disagree with the group and put them out front to combat their group i.e.. Armstrong Williams, Walter Williams and the various other Negro Cons. Caucasian people understand what Black unity means to their way of living and their form of government. In order to combat group thinking they promote individualism, and some Black folk accept this way of thinking not realizing that individualism as practiced and preached by white folk is actually group thinking presented as individualism. Let me qualify this statement.

Anytime there are a great number of people who think the same way concerning social issues, political issues, and international issues we can say they are practicing “group thinking”. If you are a conservative you practice “group thinking,” if you are a liberal you practice “group thinking.” The only time “group thinking” becomes something to scorn and mock is when the group doing the thinking is Black folk who want the thinking to benefit Black folk. So you have Negro-Cons like the ones mentioned above and other Negro-Cons all over the internet Blogging about group thinking and accusing others of “group thinking” as if it is a bad thing, when in fact they too practice group thinking, they just don’t think like Black folk as a group think.

I am saying this so that those of us who work hard for our people and use all our resources to benefit our people don’t get discombobulated by those who accuse us of “group thinking.” When some Negro accuses you of “group thinking” you should let him or her know, they too are guilty of “group thinking,” Unfortunately the group they think like is not one that wishes to see Black folks rise in America.


At 6:30 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

We have to be able to recognize the modern manifestation of Pharisees and their scribes. Human motives and behavior has been in an infinite loop since recorded history. However, most people lack the ability to see abstract similarities, because of superficial differences. One needs to be cognizant of motives, means and opportunity. In our human social and behavioral evolution, only means and opportunity seem to change.

Many of these labels and phrases, such as “Group Think”, “Race Card” and others that my brother pointed out, are simply a Trojan horse that hides the same old motive one group attempting to benefit from keeping another group down. Lifting up of human entities from the consequential resultant reaction of putting other human entities down has been an unfortunate means of creating absolute and relative success in this world. We have to have the wisdom to recognize these motives, even when they manifest by different or hidden means.

At 8:04 AM, Blogger Scott said...

You are right on this, language is used to frame the debates and discussion ( i think you posted on this before).

I think that is why of the seven priciples of Kwanza is Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves is the most important.

At 8:17 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...

First, a virtual update posted on The.Org (AA.org):
[[ Black Students Not Culturally Biased Against Academic Achievement

DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 4 (AScribe Newswire) -- Contrary to popular belief, most black students do not carry a cultural bias against high achievement into the classroom.

Instead, new research shows that an anti-achievement attitude develops over time and is most likely to occur in schools where blacks are grossly underrepresented in the most challenging courses, said Duke University public policy professor William "Sandy" Darity Jr...

The findings counter a commonly held belief, voiced in recent months by such prominent black Americans as politician Barack Obama and entertainer Bill Cosby, that black students are culturally predisposed to limit their scholastic success and worry that excelling will prompt peers to accuse them of "acting white," Darity said....

Race-related pressure to avoid or disparage academic challenges did not exist at the elementary grades, the research showed. Rather, researchers found that adolescents in North Carolina harbor a general sentiment against high academic achievement, regardless of race. Researchers documented race-related oppositional attitudes at only one of 11 schools where they interviewed students....

The research suggests that animosity toward high-achieving students - regardless of race - grows over time and develops from a general concern among elementary-age students about arrogance to a more focused concern among adolescents about academic inequities between status groups.


Now, to this topic and the purpose of all such claims including the one above... We have to realize this is nothing but PSY-OPS! The Power Of Suggestive (Negative) Thinking. The notion to put in motion Self-Fulfilling Prophesies. Reverse Negro Pychology...

The problem with Negro-CON's is that they buy all that sh*t!

White people tell them (and us in general), "We're not going to (completely) dismantle White Supremacy. You just have to live with it." And them spineless Negroes march from the Big House and basically say about racism and the structural inequalities wrought by America's racist history and persistent racist present and preach the same notions, "We have to live with it and its our fault, now... (Massa done all he's gone do!)"

As KEVIN41 says, "[they act like that sh!ts suppose to be] ON THE HOUSE!"

At 8:25 AM, Blogger Faheem said...

The truth in that report will not change the mind of the Negro-Cons that believe black children are anti-intellectualism. You would think that they would be happy to know that the lies being spoken about our children are being proven as lies but they are not. This is because they subscribe to the thinking of a group that is not their own thus they must think he worst concerning us in order to maintain acceptability in that group.

At 8:47 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

The Negro-Con, who parroted this myth (acting white), will not accepts its debunking...because they will lose face. It takes a high degree of integrity and character for one to abmit they are wrong. SUch a requirement exludes most NegroCons...for if they had any integrity or character...they would not come out against the masses of their people as the do.

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Scott said...

Thanks NmagiNATE for posting the research which backs by impressions which i posted earlier . To quote myself

"I have at times thought it was actually the opposite of trying to be white and was actually trying to be like the majority of this nation which is rather anti-intellectual. I mean how bright can America's be if they think they can lose weight by eating more food. America as a whole is anti intellectual, black America has just perfected it."

At 11:58 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


The article doesn't back up any part of your castigating "Blacks perfected it" BS!

At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The article doesn't back up any part of your castigating "Blacks perfected it" BS!"

Thank you NmagiNate! Scott really thinks he is slick.


At 6:39 PM, Blogger Scott said...

You guys are way over sensitive.

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]The truth in that report will not change the mind of the Negro-Cons that believe black children are anti-intellectualism.[/quote]

Sadly enough Faheem the young people who are in question do the job well enough for the "Black Neo-Con" (your definition, not mine) to be silent and have this proven to be the case.

I just love how you and Noah use many of your articles as a queue for some attack on Black Conservatives.

As I have told you both in the past when you run the numbers as you do a census of "Black Neo-Cons" the numbers don't add up unless your are yielding that they have power far in excess of their numbers.

The average inner city with a significant Black population has:

A mayor who thinks in a manner that is similar to YOU and thus not a Black Conservative.

Several city council members who think in a manner that is similar to YOU and thus not a Black Conservative.

A police chief who thinks in a manner that is similar to YOU and thus not a Black Conservative.

A school board full of people who think in a manner that is similar to YOU and thus not a Black Conservative.

A US/State Congressman or Senator who thinks in a manner that is similar to YOU and thus not a Black Conservative.

It appears to me that the Black Progressive person in power has an easy job. They are able to place the blame of many of their districts ills on some external entity. They will then join hands with the "people" and launch a battle against this entity without ever having to be accountable for their own actions as long as they redirect it outward.

To me "Group Think" also is accompanied with a will to both control and supress any critique. If we as a Black people had the mechanism to have a non-public dialogue and then to set up a system which OBJECTIVELY MEASURED THE EFFECTIVENESS of the policies which we live under and PUT IT TO A CERTAIN TIME SCHEDULE and then discarded these polices IF THE OBJECTIVES WERE NOT MET AT THE END OF THIS TIME PERIOD I would have a greater tendency to yield my individual opinions into "Group Think" as I know that I will get my turn when and if this other strategy fails. Instead the current "group thoughts" are used as a litmus test on "Blackness'.

It is interesting that even though those Black people who opposed busing back in the day were called Uncle Toms now that that strategy has been played out and largely FAILED the same people who were doing the name calling are able to give excuses as to why it failed by are never held ccountable for their FAILED strategies. Without any democratic elections to choose leaders Group Think is also a non-democratic process.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

First, the word is "Negro-Con" not "Neo-Con", neo- con is reserved for those in the Bush administration that are trying to turn back the hands of time, especially on matters of interest to Black men and women,

As for the rest of what you wrote, it does not have anything to do with the study presented nor does it negate what is in the study. However, your response does suggest what I wrote is true of you as I said it was in that in the face of truth the "negro-con" will not admit the the truth that black children are not anti-intellectualism and the continued selling of this lie will make it a self fullfilling prophecy.

Provide evidence of your busing theory, I am not certain those who opposed busing were called uncle-toms, I think the opposite is true.


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