October 30, 2004

Black Introspection Salutes the Genius of Ray Charles.


If you have not then you should get out and see the movie RAY. This movie is more than just a film that entertains the audience, it is a history lesson and everyone that see it will walk away having learned something about the genius and courage of Ray Charles.

Jamie Foxx should indeed get top honors for his portrayal of Ray Charles, he did with ease in this movie what most well known actors set out to do in every movie. Jamie Foxx made the audience forget that it was him on the screen and truly took on the life of Ray Charles.

I do not want to spoil it for those who have not seen it as of yet but it is truly a great movie and the stance that Ray Charles took in response to Jim Crow is legendary. His refusal to play in Georgia under Jim Crow got him banned from ever playing in Georgia. However, Georgia did something the U.S. have not and refuse to do. The state of Georgia acknowledged the wrongness of their actions and issued an apology to Ray and then made his song the state song. If Georgia can see the wrongness in banning Ray and issue an apology, why is it that the U.S. can not do the same in regards to the history of the Black man and woman in America.

Get out and see the movie it is grrreat!


At 5:14 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

My wife and I are playing on checking it out today. Its interesting, both whites and blacks will come out of this movie appaled at what happened back then. They will both feel good about how far we have come since then. However, only blacks will acknowlege that we still have a long ways to go. Whites are NEVER contemporary with aknowleging the proper degree of injustice against blacks in this nation. They wait until they feel it is safe to be appaled, while not feeling any sense of guilt or responsiblity.

Georgia's move to aknowlege wrongs against ray was symbolic only and after the fact. Its better than nothing, but a day late and a dollar short not only for ray, but all black people in this nation. For black people I guess you can say that America is always decades late and trillions short in paying black people what they took/take from us.


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