August 24, 2004

Negroism spans the globe,,, Same Circus, Different Clown..

Negroism is not a mentality or behavior limited to the confines of the United States. As you will read, this form of thinking and behavior affects Black men and women where ever you find us, especially in those countries where we are not the majority. When we do not represent the majority population there is always those from amongst us meaning other Black folk that seek the approval of the white folk by way of perpetuating lies and racist ideology held primarily by white folks.

Let’s look at the case of David Mathews who has put together a three part series entitled “The trouble with Black Men” that will air on the BBC. We can conclude from reading about this three part series that he will attempt to tell the viewing audience what is “the trouble with Black men” by only focusing on the side affects of racism and a racist society. David states from the outset:

"There is no single cause for the problems young black men face in Britain today. But one thing I do know is your race, colour or class shouldn't make you deny yourself genuine opportunities or hold you back or limit your ambitions."

With this statement he informs us that his goal is to prove the system works and that it is not the system that deny Black men opportunities by way of a flawed education system, racist hiring practice, a God that looks nothing like them etc.., he is going to ignore all of the things that created Black reality in Britain that mirror Black reality in America to prove to white folk in Britain they are not to blame.

I am not surprised at all with the manner in which he is approaching this subject; this is the same Negro that attacked Black women “specifically Afro-Caribbean women” in his article entitled “Why I prefer to date white women”. After his blistering attack on Black women he could only do one other thing; attack Black men before his usage is spent.

When we juxtapose what is posted about his three part series with what he has written as his reason for dating white women we get a picture that tells us a bit more about him and how he reason or come to the ignorant conclusions he have come to.

In his article "why I prefer to date white women" David writes that over fifty percent of Black men in Britain are in interracial relationships, but yet in his upcoming three part series he notes

“48% of African-Caribbean families in Britain are headed by a single parent (mainly mothers) compared to 22% of the general population.”

His hypocrisy is made clear by this statistic; he first writes why he recklessly abandons the Black family in his article why he prefer to date white women as if it is a badge of honor and now he does a three part series on the problems that exist within the Black family as if he is innocent. He never stopped to think how he and the other fifty percent of Black men in Britain he said dates white women behavior contributes to this problem with their hatred of self and kind and their willingness to love everything but the woman who looks like their Black mothers.

In part three of his series he will look into;

“How accurate is the sexual stereotype of the black man as a well-endowed super-stud who can’t hold down a long term relationship and who's a bad, absent father? David wonders what its prevalence means for relations between black men and black women and the state of the black family.”

In his article "why I prefer to date white women" David writes how the Afro-Caribbean girls, the good Christian ones are pretty strait laced when it comes to sex:

“They expect you to pick them up, pay for dinner and drop them off at the front door with no more than a peck on the cheek. Whereas the white women are often more daring, adventurous, and self assured in the bedroom” (read whorish).

Also note how he refer to the Black women as girls and the white women as women. Instead of trying to debunk a stereotype about Black men being well endowed it would have been better if he would have explored why him and those like him seek out whorish women instead of our Good Christian Afro-Caribbean sisters who would like for the men they get involved with to be self respecting and have respect for them and not treat them as they treat whores.

In part two of his series he will explore Crime, which essentially means he will repackage all the reasons Europeans give for Black men and women making up one percent (1%) of the population but making up twelve (12%) percent of the prison population with a Black face. Should we think it is a coincidence that Britain imprisons so many of its Black citizens while simultaneously witnessing this very phenomena here in the U.S. David goes on to state that when he was young people saw rebelling in the streets as a means to protest against racism but today the youth have found a “new urban enemy, each other”. Is it coincidence that the exact same thing happening in Britain happened right here in the U.S.? Black folk learned long ago not to value Black life, and the punishment for taking a Black life or committing acts of violence against another Black person has always been more lenient than the punishment for taking a white life or commiting an act of violence against a white person. Exploring this would be looking into the cause and we know that is not his goal.

In part one about Work and Education David will explore why:

“Only 25% of African-Caribbean boys get five good GCSEs compared with 51% of the population as a whole.” , “why they prefer street life and turn to music, yearning for success as producers or as footballers as a way to escape the lives they are currently leading.” He will go to a school and speak with a teacher who will say to him; “African-Caribbean boys are under intense pressure from their peers to conform to certain stereotypes of black masculinity and are often denied decent male role models.”

This makes me wonder, here in the U.S. white folk take pride in reminding us with their various studies on how immigrants from the Caribbean Islands are more accomplished than Black men and women born here in the U.S. What is different between those men and women from the Caribbean Islands immigrating to the U.S. and those that are immigrating to Britain? Are the men and women that migrate to the U.S. smarter? Or is the treatment they get in each nation different enough to cause a big difference in their respective realities? Are their realities based on their treatment and their reactions to that treatment? This would be a great case study for David but his goal is not to seek out the cause of the problems, he is seeking to win favor with white folk in Britain and I am certain we will hear from him again as we hear from those who are his mirror image here in the U.S.

David Mathews represent the same Circus the Negro-Cons in the U.S. belong to; he is just another Clown. “Same Circus, Different Clown.


At 2:20 AM, Blogger NmagiNATE said...


You know... I just read your opinion on this very matter in the archives on Davey-D. And just when I was trying to figure out how to bring that up... you bring up this "Clown". Well, I guess he's another one that likes to "Skip" around the issues (although he probably couldn't hold Skip Gates' toiletry bag).


At 6:30 AM, Blogger Noah TA said...

This goes back to the supply and demand theory that is producing the rise/promotion of the Negro-Con/Uncle Tom, in white nations with black minorities. When this Chap or bloak (I think that is British Vernacular), first realized the attention and acclaim he received by putting down black peoples, the personal gain simply inspired him to produce more of the same.

The key here is that whites are tired of hearing about racism as being the cause of black problems. They are not tired of it being true; they are just tired of having to look at themselves as being a primary source of others problems. Thus, there is this big demand by whites for blacks who will propagate the ideology that whites are not the problem, but indeed the problem is with the blacks themselves.

Expect to see a growing population of these type of folks.

At 1:05 PM, Blogger abw said...

This article goes to the heart of why black folks don't accept half the criticism thrown their way. The criticism is rarely constructive or well meaning. When it is well meaning, it does not address the root causes and efects together. Anyway as for the British guy's comments about black women, this Black British Negro would be the first to call the typical Afro-Caribbean lady a slut were she more daring,adventurous, and assured as the typical British white woman.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger wordlab said...

Well, at least McDonald's is always hiring. Or perhaps the "brains" behind this blog should go into the sanitation business... given the amount of garbage I've just read here.


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