August 27, 2004

African American children...begging for survival in Africa

I believe that every black person needs to set a goal of visiting Africa at least once in a life time. I did so and it was the second most completing phenomenon in my life, second only to the birth of my daughter. I love Africa, or more correctly, I love the African people. Certainly they lack many of the things that we take for granted, but they are also rich in many of the things we dismiss, but actually hold more value than material wealth.

However, my personal journeys to Africa are not what I want to discuss. Rather, I want to bring to light a horrific journey to Africa by 7 African American children, apparently abandoned there by their adopted mother, who left them in the care of a man she barely knew. This was appalling. The children ended up begging on the streets of a large Nigerian city, for their survival. My heart just went out for these kids, and my animosity boils over the actions of the mother and brother in law.

This is one of the reasons why I am looking into adopting some children. I just cannot stand the thought of something happening to me or my wife and my child end up abused, unloved and uncared for, being shuffled around the system and scared mentally for life. The children are the future and I get extremely upset when I see kids suffering. Lord helps the person If I ever catch someone in the act of abusing a child…

US kids' months of begging in Africa over

'Three of them were sick - they could not walk'


At 12:51 PM, Blogger Faheem said...

I read about this yesterday was disturbed by it as much as you are. I would like more details on this story, it just does not appear to be the full story. I am glad the children are now safe and being fed.


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